Wednesday, January 21, 2009

getting aquainted with my new home.

I love my new apartment!!!!!

I decided to spend one of my days off decorating my new place and getting a few things i'd been meaning to do for ages done. thankfully I was highly productive.

I got a new library card (its within walking distance... infact everything is within walking distance, which is amazing.)

My complex maint. is wonderful. They fixed the running toilet, the hard to move bathroom shower doors, the lock on the patio slider, they are checking out the ligths about the dinning room table because my boyfriend thinks they have faulty wiring,and they even gave me a third key to the place so my boyfriend can have one in a emergency... they are wonderful! I want to bake them cookies.

As for the financial ramifications of moving, those are still developing. $60 bucks or so to feed all my friends subway on move day, about $55 bucks to Uhaul for a trailer, insurance, and a utilities dolly, bills that have yet to come in to turn off services as well as end those we used to have, eating out in the week prior to moving because the dishes were packed...

But this month is the 3 paycheck month and that will replenish my emergency fund and start making headway on my Roth Ira account as well. I'm waiting for the security deposit and pro-rated rent to makes its way to my via mail from my old place. That should off-set most of the rent i've had to pay to the new place and the extra will go to retirement.

The plan is to give a set monthly amount to the house fund, all extra to retirement until it's maxed, and then sling all extra monies toward the one day wedding in the near future (the next two years or so).

and life is happy. I'm happy and love my new place. My job doesn't seem to bother me too much now that i'm not living in that old city (i think there was just too many emotionally tolling memories surrounding the place to make it a happy home anymore.) I smile more...

and i've lost 7 lbs!

It's shaping out to be a happy January. I've also read at least 2 books this month and my brain is happy for some stimulation. =)

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