Thursday, June 29, 2017

New house Pictures

We didn't take too many pre-moving in photos, but we have a few to share with you all. (Including what we plan to do with each area)!

We purchased a long term rental unit -- which means from a far away shot, the place looks great, but when you live in it and plan to live in it long term, you realize a lot of things that need to be changed... and areas where there needs to be a whole lot of love.

Few things for the whole place:
  • New windows and slider doors and window coverings (they have the original, thin, heat up your kitchen like a box windows... and yes, the sliders were installed backwards like my last unit.)
  • New floors
    • The tile is very old and has gaps in the second bedroom where flooring should be in the closet. They also placed an oversized vanity in the bathroom that really too large for the space (you hit it using the toilet) -- this was put in to avoid having to redo the floors before the sale of the unit after the original vanity was damaged in the water leak.
    • We are hoping we may do the flooring ourselves if we go with a laminate... but we are currently living with the flooring for now (it's not on the priority list).
    • We also plan to remove a wall where we know there is not tile underneath, so that will require new floors for practical purposes.
  • Cooling and Heating
    • No wall units or fans in the unit... and we inherited a broken heater. Depending on what cooling method we go with (Traditional AC, Ductless, or Wall Unit) will determine what additional repairs we make to the property. 
  • Recessed lights or ceiling fans with lights throughout the unit. The only "can" lights are in the kitchen and the placement needs to be fixed.

Now, for the pictures. We tried to find something that would be move in ready, so we could pick one project to complete at a time. 

Living Room

We will put a wall unit entertainment system from Ikea and mount our TV on the left wall like we did at our other place, but the floors and electrical will need to come first. -- this is last on our list. We can live with a few boxes stacked up for now.

The decorative "pony" wall right by the front door is going to be removed. This is supposed to be the kitchen pantry but it was removed for a computer desk set up (you can see it in the right of the 2nd picture). We are going to remove it entirely to open up the floor plan since it serves no real purpose. The wall makes the dinning room table too cramped in the space.


We purchased a fridge and washer/ dryer, but the electrical behind the stove was actually worthy of the "hall of shame" at my husbands place, (It wasn't in the wall and was held together by duct tape...) and the stove was unclean able... 

So this week we purchased a new microwave, stove and fixed the outlet so it's actually in the wall and safe to use. We have put some temporary shelves next to the pantry for most of our kitchen gadgets for the time being until we can figure out if an additional cabinet is what we want and if we want to re-locate the fridge so it's not in front of the dishwasher. 

Eventually, we hope to re-configure the kitchen so its a "U shape" ... but for now, we will fix the lighting and use it as is since it is newer construction and we can get a sense of what we need.


There are double doors that open up to the master bedroom and a three mirrored closet... which we ripped out after the uhaul was empty. We will be putting our wardrobes "in" the closet and adding some new built ins along the wall instead of the mirrored closet.

The mirrored closet barely opened and I knew within a week, Hubs would break it, so we took it out. 
Lights and a ceiling fan will go in.

We will need to re-carpet the bedroom since we are now missing 3 inches of carpet by the closets, but that's apart of the new flooring plan.

We will put our Murphy bed together initially and hubs has his computer station all set up.

We are contemplating removing one of the two doors into our bedroom because right now, both doors just takes up too much space. 


Oversize bathroom vanity...
Bonus problem to the oversize vanity...  There are no shelves so the whole thing is just a giant open space... that's wayyyyy to close to the toilet. The medicine cabinet also has exposed drywall on one side closet to the wall.

Shower has a single layer of subway title put around the edge of it... I've already removed it. It was cracked, ugly and was not actually serving a purpose. The doors will come off, a new vent fan with light installed and we will have the tub resealed.

2nd bedroom

It's so cool to write "2nd" bedroom... 

We didn't take pictures before we moved in because it was pretty basic. Tile floor, bad closet... so these are some after shots with his crib, toys and our stand alone wardrobe in place. You can't see the closet in these photos, but I think we will take it out, put his closet in there and then build some stable shelves for toys and storage. Right now, the shelves in are no load bearing, so we have a few things just on the floor in there until we can go to ikea.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys!!!!

    1. Thanks! it's been weird adjusting to all this new to us space!

  2. Can't wait to see the final product!

    1. We will share pictures along the way :) It's gonna look a whole lot worse before it gets any better :)

  3. Congratulations! You were smart to buy what you could afford and fix s little at a time. Plus, it looks pretty great to me!

    1. Thanks Patti. This one is actually in a LOT better condition then the last long term rental I purchased, so for us, its about fixing the things that just don't work now, so we can enjoy our time here and start focusing on memories and less home improvement, lol.