Thursday, May 18, 2017


Well I wouldn't have believed it, but after listing our condo on the market, we received 7 offers within 48 hours....

and now we are in escrow.

We have accepted an offer and I won't get into the details now until they are more concrete but they have indicated their offer will remain on the table until April 2018 -- ensuring us enough time to find our new home -- not just the 60 day escrow we were asking before they could pull their offer back if they found something else.

His wife originally viewed the condo during our open house and video'd him the property and made an offer that day. I had a good feeling about their application and when we went into a multiple offer situation, they increase their offer even more above asking price once they came back later that week so he could see it in person. That night they saw our son's pack and play in the walk in closet... and apparently they are expecting a new bundle of joy and loved our closet nursery, which made them decide to increase their offer even more. So we are in escrow.

I'm not going to post numbers until the deal is done in case things fall through, but we have an offer in on a 3 bedroom in our same complex... but they accepted an offer before we could write one, so we are in back-up status pending their 60 day escrow so we are still hunting since it is unlikely they will not follow through having already had the property inspected.  


  1. Wow! That is just crazy awesome! Hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. Me too. We are actually putting in another offer on a different unit today, since we don't think the other one will actually pan out in our favor.