Sunday, April 23, 2017


So in preparation for listing our condo on the market, we actually got a few quotes to have someone paint our place for us.

We figured it would be impossible with a toddler running around and that we wouldn't find the time to do it ourselves...

But then we got the quotes back. Between $2100 and $2400...

So this weekend we hit home depot and spent $150 on paint, supplies and some moving boxes. I laid out a week long plan to paint 1/2 the condo.... then get a storage unit, and finish up the second 1/2 half after we pack up and have more space to move things around. It's Sunday Night and the whole front house is done minus the trim and doors which i'll do this week at night after bedtime.

Since we are keeping the same color and only painting to cover patches and marks on the wall and to clean everything up, it wasn't a full paint job. There were a few walls I didn't need to re-do in the kitchen, but most we re-painted everything so the paint matched.

I even wall textured like a pro folks.

Despite the toddler and the long Saturday trip to home depot, little dude was a champ. I laid out painters tape on the walls and painted sections of the house he couldn't get to (its amazing what a movie and the patio can do to keep a toddler occupied) ... We didn't even need to barricade him from the kitchen or anything! With the moved furniture he was plenty occupied not to care about the wet walls.

Nap time was very productive....

We purged, trashed and started to pack up the place. It's starting to look pretty darn bare and we haven't had to get a storage unit yet. I'm like the queen of closet tetris.

It wasn't a perfect weekend and sometimes letting some messes happen kept little man happy while we worked!

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  1. Wow! Those painting quotes are crazy! We received three quotes for having the interior of our home painted before we moved it, they were $3600, $4800, and $22,000!!! It's crazy how much they vary. I think if you're able to pull it off yourselves, it's the best way to go! I love to paint, but couldn't do our 25ft ceilings. Your little one looks like he's having a fantastic time with that shredded paper, too cute.