Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I thought we already purged...

Yup... Were only 4 months into the new year and are currently under going a second huge full house purge...

Only this time, were boxing up what were keeping... because we are seriously considering moving.

Our open house hunting has been pretty eye opening and we are considering listing our condo in the next few weeks to see what kind of offer we can get. The few two bedrooms we really like are either just units in the wrong location but we like the floor plans, or just out of reach financially ... and until we get an idea of what we can get our home sold for, we won't really know if we can get a 2 bedroom place this year or not.

We found a great realtor after i fired one (thankfully pre-contract), and now we are doing our three phase plan.

Step 1 - Look at places we might want to buy so we know whats out there and what we can afford.

Step 2 - Purge and pack to prepare for a storage unit. This includes my in-laws coming to visit to pack up all our baby belongings.

Step 3 - Improve the condo by removing our personal belongings, hiring painters to re touch and give it a polished look... then bring in the cleaning company.

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