Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Spending - Easter Edition

It was a crazy expensive month for us... but with the way we are handling our finances (and have been for many years now) we didn't "feel" the pinch shelling out almost $1000 for car repairs, planning little dude's birthday party, doing Easter, experimenting with sippy cups and getting things together for my friends May wedding (of which i'm a bridesmaid)....

Things that a few years ago would have caused headaches and massive planning are now just on auto. Have a car expense, take it from the car fund... gifts, no sweat- pull from the gift fund.... Had to spend a little extra on the baby, pull from the slush fund...

Since we are so diligent each month with our various savings accounts, we aren't having to scramble when the out of the ordinary expenditures come up and its so freeing!

As I mentioned, we went THREE times to the auto mechanic.
  1. First, SCB drove over a blade and had to get 4 new tires for his car because they were all really bad.
  2. Then I got my car smog done and the guy who tested it said I needed new breaks and my engine was running horribly. I wouldn't let them work on it and i'm glad I told them i'd just take it to my regular place because IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FINE. I didn't know it at the time however. Thankfully I did know that I needed to replace something with my alignment that wasn't vital but was on the list of "things to do next time you bring in your car" so I scheduled that repair and then told them to check out the breaks and the engine while they were at it. What I love about our mechanic is he tells the truth. My breaks are still fine, and my engine was fine, so they just did the thing I asked them to replace.
  3. Since SCB's birthday is coming around the corner, we decided we were going to get him a new car stereo and speakers... so he started taking apart his dash board and messing with the speakers. Somehow in the process, he disconnected his fan and air conditioning unit, and his defrost... and couldn't get it back together. He didn't want to take more of it apart for fear of making the problem even worse, so back to the mechanic to pay a $132 "stupid" tax. They found the item that was "unplugged" and he got his oil changed, but it was a good lesson for him to learn.  

Then we registered my car, paid the smog fee and we replaced SCB's trunk pistons so his truck stays open when he opens it...   -$917.79

Eli's birthday is coming up and this month we picked up some decorations off amazon ($40), bought a little wagon at costco to help us haul stuff down to the park, and purchased most of his party food (between family and a few friends if everyone shows up well have a fun gathering of around 40 people in the park... It wasn't going to be that large of an affair, but since most of our friends have small kids and 3 or 4 of them to boot, you never know what can happen so we could have 40 people, or more realistically 20... However, we need to make sure we can feed everyone, so were doing BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. I'll crock pot up all the meat on Friday and Saturday so we can just heat everything up on Sunday morning for the lunch. Any leftovers we can freeze so we won't waist money on expensive sandwich trays that will go to waste if not eaten in a few days. So this month we picked up all the non-perishables like drinks and the meat (which went into the freezer).

I picked up a few things for my friends wedding (I need two outfits because they are getting married twice - one wedding for his family, one for hers) attended a fun "tea" bridal shower and sent a gift up to her house (baking supplies since she's an avid baker).

We went over on groceries, under on eating out, and i'm counting down the few days left of pumping until i'm free to hit the gym hard and get this body of mine back in shape!

March Spending:
Groceries: $398.74
Gasoline: $233.60
Car Repairs: $917.79

  • Registration: $95
  • Smog: $41
  • Camry: $230.15
  • Escort: $367.09 + $132.73 +$51.82

Eating Out: $83.44
Clothes: (me) $92.91
Gifts: $124.61
Baby: $189.33
Tithe: $1,269.00
  Daycare: $800.00
Doctors Visits/Prescriptions: $28.89
Roxy: $16.88
Pocket money: $70.00
Internet: $52.99
  • HOA: $350.00
  • Mortgage: $1,099.90
Cell Phones: $49.17
Electricity: $78.12
Other: $385.83

  • lego set $10.62 
  • lego set   $10.62
  • tooth brush $6.96 
  • Party Decorations   $13.46 
  • Party Decorations, Flash Light $33.87 
  • Party Decorations   $6.48 
  • Bulk Bathroom Cleaner $44.59 
  • hooks, tooth brush,   $14.38 
  • Make up and lotion $59.40 
  • Cart Plus B-day food. $131.87 
  • Belt for wedding $6.99 
  • headband for wedding $4.08 
  • Rockabilly skirt, knife  $42.51 

2016 Spending:

Groceries: $1,238.08

  • Gasoline: $552.27
  • Registration: $95
  • Smog: $41
  • Repairs:
    • Camry: $230.15
    • Escort: $551.64

Eating Out: $214.72
Clothes: (me) $134.71
Gifts: $313.79
Baby: $439.86
Tithe: $2,540.00
Daycare: $2,600.00
Doctors Visits/Prescriptions: $118.55
Roxy: $153.80
Pocket money: $210.00
Internet: $158.97
  • HOA: $1,000.00
  • Mortgage: $3,267.19
  • Weather stripping: $6.12
  • Fix heater: $22.41 
Cell Phones: $374.70
Electricity: $144.92
Other: $2,130.29
  • Computer Parts/Technology:
    • $11.24     2 charge cables 
    • $14.17  Computer cables 
    • $8.99  Comp Cable 
    • $198.39 Monitor
    • $174.95 Hard drive
    • $107.95 Router
    • $198.39 Monitor
    • $47.00  Mouse
    • $13.00     Batteries 
  • House Items:
    • $7.99   Measuring cups 
    • $28.30 Dish Soap and trash bags 
    • $4.04   Bike Hook  
    • $10.25 Step stool 
    • $44.59 Bulk Bathroom Cleaner
    • $14.38 hooks, tooth brush
    • $6.96 tooth brush
  • $25.00   Massages (tip)
  • $296.79  Outside storage bin, tie down straps, paint, mounting board for monitors
  • $256.40   New Mattress 
  • $155.47   Running Shoes
  • $35.83      Husband Toys (Legos, cookies, etc) 
  • $50.00      Hair Cuts  
  • $71.98      Turbo Tax
  • $53.58 Wedding
  • $59.40 Make up and lotion 
  • $185.68 Eli's Birthday (Includes Wagon). 

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