Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Spending

Someone ate his first real entire meal last night. I got a great deal on a pork pot roast and little man ate shredded pork, carrots and potatoes for dinner! That was the first dinner where nothing was mashed and pureed and I didn't spoon feed him -- he ate everything himself!!!

Gotta love milestones :) Little dude is basically 10 months old now (minus a day or two).

As for spending, we went WAY over on groceries, but everything else was pretty much in line with what we wanted to do. With Little dude eating a TON of real food, I'm starting to notice how fast the produce is disappearing each week. Right now we are also buying some convenience items which generally cost more, but save us a little time and we will continue doing that until I'm done pumping since its saves me so much prep time. We may have to fiddle around with the numbers in another month or so to see what's really going on, but I've only got 2 months left to pump so well look to tweak our grocery fund after April. January was also a stock up month for us since we had depleted a lot of our freezer basics too. Either way, I'm super proud of the fact that we hardly ate out and hit the drive through in January. We maybe did take out or the drive thru only once each week, and for that alone i'm okay with us going over on the grocery budget.

January 2016 Spending:

Groceries: $467.26
Gasoline: $196.53
Eating Out: $72.41
Clothes: (me) $41.80
Gifts: $122.96 (V-day & Baby Shower)
Baby: $148.49
Tithe: $637.00
Daycare: $800.00
Doctors Visits/Prescriptions: $25.00
Internet: $52.99
HOA: $325.00
Mortgage: $1,068.28
Cell Phones: $198.24
Electricity: $64.73
Other: $171.6

  • step stool $10.25 
  • 2 charge cables $11.24 
  • legos, cookies $14.59 
  • Super Cuts $28.00 
  • Turbo Tax $71.98 
  • Super Cuts $22.00 
  • Batteries $13.00 

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