Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome 2016

It's crazy to think a few months have gone by without updating the blog, but were still here.

There have been a lot of changes over the past few months...

  • We left our daycare provider, bounced around a few places and found an in home center we like. Little dude has been there since part way through december.
  • We planned a trip to utah for the holidays to visit family, but we cancelled it due to illness.
  • We left kaiser and put the whole family on united at my work so well see how that goes... it was the same coverage as kaiser, but we could do all three of us on united for less than just me and little dude on kaiser.
  • My boss got transfered and i inherited most of her responsibilities and an office, but no title change.... but im much happier and despite the larger workload, i love my job again.
  • Little dude is 9 months old, crawls, pulls up and stands assisted and totally wants to climb over everything. 
  • Im still managing to pump exclusively, andbim counting fown the days untilni can stop. Loosing weight gotbput on hiatus because of supply issues, but come April the workouts are gonna come on strong so I can feel like me again. 
Now cute pictures of little dude.


  1. He's adorable!! I've missed you posting. Daycare is just a major pain. There is always some issue that tends to crop up eventually. Please post more often. I like following along with your status. Your budgets are admirable.

    1. I'm going to try for one post a week and see how that goes, because I really miss blogging and interacting with my web-friends.

      Plus it helps that I got a better tablet so I can actually post from it and don't necessarily need the computer to add pictures :)