Monday, May 4, 2015

May Budget

As of May 1st, our little man is official on Kaiser. (We still haven't received a bill for our hospital stay yet... but we might not get one at all depending on how its code everything since my insurance pretty much covers everything and they haven't hit us with a bill and we have been back for multiple appointments since). 

This will be our first real monthly budget with the baby and our new take home pays (... well kind of). Since I have my disability money already, i'll be transferring it out bit by bit as the paydays come... but i'm estimating what my new paychecks will be with the benefit changes so they may be way off if I did the math wrong. 

My disability covers me from his birth (4/4) till the end of the month (5/30) since I get 8 weeks for a c-section... but with supplementing my vacation time and when pay periods end and a few other things we aren't really sure what everything is really going to look like and probably won't until the middle of June. We will still have the "daycare" money to draw on if need be, but for May we are going to try and just drop it into our Roth IRA savings to try and get us up to 15% for the year, especially since we didn't do any Roth contributions last year because of the baby preparations.
May Budget: 

Regular Spending:

  • Mortgage (P&I, Property taxes)    $792.01
  • Giving     $608
  • Fast Offering     $20.00 
  • Groceries: $331.99
  • Date Nights     $100.00  
  • Pocket Money for the month-     $80.00 ($40 each) 
  • Cell phone allowance     $60.00  
  • HOA     $295.00 
  • Utility Bills      $150.00 
  • Gasoline/Auto     $250.00  
  • Discretionary Spending     $100.00
  • Diapers and wipes: $118
  • SCB's Cell Phone: $30.00
Regular Savings:
  • Roxy Fund     $50.00
  • Prescriptions & Doctors visits     $50.00
  • Birthday savings     $50.00 
  • Insurance     $155.00
  • Christmas savings     $50.00 
  • Vacation Savings     $100.00 
  • Car Emergency Fund     $100.00 
  • Car Registration Fund     $25.00 
  • Daycare: $440.00 -- stick in retirement until we start actually paying daycare
  • Daycare: $440.00 -- stick in retirement until we start actually paying daycare
  • Clothes: $50.00
  • Retirement: $69.55

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