Friday, February 6, 2015

February Budget

January ended up being a 3 paycheck month for SCB so right before the month ended we got the first check with his new raise on it!

Since we already plan to add $2k to our emergency fund by the time the baby gets here, I decided to just dump his extra check into our Doctors Visits and Medical savings account so we have the money set aside to pay any hospital expenses and any co-pays for delivery and appointments. Normally his extra checks will be how we will add $1,000 to our emergency fund each year after the baby comes... but since we have a plan to do that by end of April, I just dumped the money somewhere for now so it doesn't disappear. We should end up with $1,000 in the account by the time our baby is here :)

February Goals:
  • Pack my Hospital Bag
  • Make a list of essential baby items we are missing after my shower.
  • Add $1,000 to the emergency fund for Feb.
  • Do a minimal food storage pick up but set aside the cash to do more when we find the space for items (Wheat and powdered milk for now... maybe some beans).
February Budget
Regular Spending:
  • Mortgage (P&I, Property taxes)    $792.01
  • Giving     $636.00
  • Fast Offering     $20.00 
  • Groceries & House Hold Items     $300.00  
  • Date Nights     $100.00  
  • Pocket Money for the month-     $80.00 ($40 each) 
  • Cell phone allowance     $60.00  
  • HOA     $295.00 
  • Utility Bills      $150.00 
  • Gasoline/Auto     $250.00  
  • Discretionary Spending     $111.46
Regular Savings:
  • Roxy Fund     $50.00
  • Prescriptions & Doctors visits     $50.00 
  • Birthday savings     $50.00 
  • Insurance     $157.99 
  • Christmas savings     $50.00 
  • Vacation Savings     $100.00 
  • Car Emergency Fund     $100.00 
  • Car Registration Fund     $25.00 
  • Emergency Fund     $275.00
Additional Disposable income until the baby comes: $1,200.00
  • Send an additional $725 to Emergency Fund for $1000 total for February
  • Valentines: $100
  • Food storage: $150.00
  • Carpet cleaning savings (were going to wait until the baby is here and do it while i'm on maternity leave): $100.00
  • Retirement: $51.00
  • Overage: $78.74
I know we will spend the money for valentines day, so I'm going to budget it in and not feel bad when we spend it... and i'm glad we are going to accelerate the emergency fund.  This way we should be good by middle March when the baby is likely to make his entrance if he's early.

I know we talked about getting our dog's teeth cleaned last month, but our neighbor is coming over to cut her nails and do her glands for us for free (in exchange for some homemade bread) and we were going to have him show us how to clean her teeth (like brushing them regularly-- not the deep cleaning)... This way SCB can see if she will let us clean them regularly and if so, we will then get her teeth professionally cleaned because you should brush them regularly if you do the cleaning...  but if she won't let us clean them regularly now, we will wait until the baby is a bit older which is what our Vet said to do since she doesn't want me getting bit while pregnant if its a 2 person job.

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