Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb Bump Update

33 Weeks Folks! I feel like we are in the home stretch here with around 40 days to go until my "due date"... which depending on how he feels, could mean I'm waiting 8 weeks or 4 weeks to meet him if he's late or early.

I've had a couple days of swollen ankles (Because I spent a few days on my feet working a couple events and having a baby shower...) but thankfully it hasn't been painful... and I'm glad I still have my running shoes since those are nice an comfortable since I buy them bigger than my "street" shoe :)

I'm still sleeping okay... but I've had a few nights were I've positioned myself too low (not elevated enough), and I've woken up gagging and coughing on stomach acid....  which is not something I wish upon anyone.

Other than all that, things have been going pretty well. We finished all our baby prep classes, completed our Kaiser hospital tour, and we are getting into baby prep mode.

I've started to batch cook some food specifically for our freezer to make life for SCB a bit easier when he has to feed "us" 3 meals a day for a few weeks while I'm recuperating after delivery. I made 2 dozen whole wheat banana nut muffins that I will put directly into the freezer as breakfast aids so I'm not living on cereal.

I am hoping to make a list of things that SCB can make for me for breakfast, lunch and dinner where he just has to pair items together or take something out of the freezer and heat it up so he's not just staring at food, wondering what to do with it... After all, he lives for the simple and most of my recipes would overwhelm him if he were to make them from scratch so I'm going to try and give him as much help as I can while I can do it.  

Baby Swag!
My sister threw me a baby shower over the weekend with my mom at her place. It went really well and my friends, some people from church, etc. all had a pretty good time.

All I can say is diaper raffles are awesome... We got a few cases of them which made SCB really happy! We also have a changing table we got from my old babysitter that we need to move over from my mom's house to our condo... but we need to wait until next weekend when my sister's fiance can bring it over in his truck.

All in all, this little guy felt really loved over the weekend.  He has so many clothes and we still have more hand me downs to go through that are in a box, but thankfully they are all different sizes so we don't have to worry about everything being infant sized! He already has a selection of 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month... even some 18 to 24 month pieces. (all the 6 month plus clothes are living under his crib in some under the bed storage containers for now and we are just keeping the infant to 3 months and 3-6 month clothes in his wardrobe.

We're still putting things away and sorting through all of his stuff so we can make a list of duplicates to return and things we still need to pick up, but I'm feeling better about his arrival now that our classes are done and we have some of the basics!

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