Friday, December 26, 2014

We took our pup to the vet... plus baby updates

Our homemade poncho for the one day it
truly rained :)

Roxy needed to go into the vet for her 6 month shots and also for a check up so we could get her heart worm and flea medication renewed for January.

$172.50 later... we will still be paying another $120 for her medication next month but she's a healthy little girl, just slightly over weight since we haven't been walking her as much and hubby has been over treating her to make up for the lack of walks... so she needs to loose 2 lbs or so...Hopefully cutting back on treats and walking her more will do the trick since I don't want to cut her kibble because we already don't give her very much of that anyway.

She also needs to get her teeth cleaned, but they want to charge us $500 to knock her out to do it... so we will be looking around a price checking that one...My friend works at a vet so she's going to send me their price list so I can compare it because she's local.

But Roxy is her normal happy go-lucky self... Especially since we have been giving her more attention these last couple weeks. She had a small destructive streak going earlier in December between Christmas concerts, events, church stuff and a few early month gatherings that kept her at home alone more than we normally do... She got into South County Boys work bag and shredded some of his oatmeal packets... and my holiday headband bit the dust because she decided that it too needed to be shredded to make a point that we had, had too many things going on in a single week and she missed us too much.

After those incidents, we started leaving things out she could shred that wouldn't piss us off as much (tp rolls and empty soap boxes since she likes those... but she had made her point and we gave her the love she needed so those have remained on the bathroom floor just in case..) 

I also had to drink the orange bottle for my sugar test... It wasn't bad on the way down like everyone says, but waiting for my blood work to be drawn totally sucked because I started getting a little dizzy and light headed since I normally don't eat a whole lot of sugar at once... and it made me dehydrated...

But I passed... normal range is 70-129 and I got a 58 so I was well below...

Unfortunately the scale hasn't been my friend this pregnancy and i'm starting to measure 2 weeks early growth wise and because we are worried about a large baby because of my husband's stature and my weight gain, my doctor has asked me to try and keep an 1800 calorie diet until my next appointment so we can hopefully get me caught up where I need to be... So I'm cutting out treats this holiday season to make sure little Eli is getting the nutrition he needs and I don't gain anymore holiday extra.

Monday was my first day watching, and I started going back to counting calories on Tuesday and its really making me more mindful of what I'm eating and how many veggies I've been eating as well.  I'm still getting my 10,000 steps a day most days and I've worked myself up to a doing a cardio strength training program 3 days a week with my doctors approval and I've already seen myself get stronger as I've added more reps or time to the different activities so that makes me feel better knowing I am doing what I can to keep this little man happy.

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