Wednesday, November 19, 2014

California Climate Credit

It's November and that means CHEAP electricity bill month! Apparently some law last year was passed where we get a credit on our utility bills twice a year.

From our statement:
You Received a California Climate Credit
California is fighting climate change and so can you! Your bill includes a Climate Credit from a state program to cut cardbon pollution while also reducing your energy costs. Find out more at 

So what does that mean for us? 

Our electricity bill is only $26.27 this month! We got a $40 credit... and we finally switch back to winter rates. Phew!

I was a bit tired of paying through the nose for electricity in the summer months since they only let you have 76 kWh at the tier one rate in the summer... but you get 346.0 kWh of tier one rates in the winter.

To give you an idea of what that means, we had 5 summer days on this months bill (Sept 26 - Oct 1)  and we had used our whole tier one allotment and had bumped into tier 2 rates for 2 kWh.

So yeah for *Winter* or as I like to call it, extended fall! 

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