Monday, October 13, 2014

16 Weeks

I am HUGE...

Let me say that again.... HUGE.... and i'm only 16 weeks along...

I still have 6 more MONTHS to go... Holy batman, batman... (ya, you get to be pregnant for 10 months because of how they calculate it)

(Thank goodness for my $2 maternity dress...)

I really need to go through my closet and move all the stuff that doesn't fit out so it doesn't depress me and make me think I have more options then I really do... I think it will also help South County Boy realize how he needs to be more on top of our clothes cleaning if he doesn't want me to do anymore shopping.

Back to Baking

We had a pretty good weekend. We ate out a bit still, but we did end up cooking a few things too. I made my first batch of bread in months the other day (Well I actually made 2 loaves)... and what happened to it? It came out of the oven in the middle on the day on Monday and my husband didn't get home till that evening... By Wednesday afternoon it was entirely gone and I had to take the second loaf out of the freezer to get us though the week! I'll call that successful any day! Since I only have 2 loaf pans and its not enough to get us through 2 weeks (So I don't have to bake every Monday), we picked up 2 more loaf pans so I can make 4 loaves at the same time to ensure that next Monday I won't be grinding more wheat flour. My friend is also coming over to help me today, so i'm excited for that.

And speaking of baking, I also tried a really great recipe for whole wheat banana nut muffins... My first batch of a dozen was gone in 2 days... so I made another one as well mid week. It was a really easy recipe that used all natural ingredients, so i'll be keeping that one in our recipe file for good. Here's the Recipe from 100daysofREALfood if your interested. A few other people had them too and it was well received by DUDES too so that's saying something. I decided to do muffins instead of a loaf because my bread pans were busy, but also because the last time I did a loaf, no one really ate it and I tossed most of it out. The great thing with muffins, is you can eat a few and freeze the rest so if I wasn't thinking about eating a lot of them in a week, I wouldn't have to.

Movie Night
We also got to go to the movies on Friday night! We went to see the Meet the Mormons Movie. It's in theater's for this week and it was really good.  Its a documentary of 6 Mormon people from all over the world. I really wish my family would stumble upon it and see it, because I think it would help with understanding a lot of the reasons why I joined the church, but the sad thing is if I were to mention it to them, they would never go...

But its a great movie, family friendly, and all the proceeds are going to the American Red Cross so since I can't tell them about it, at least I can mention it all of you in my blog-o-sphere family.

Organizing & Cleaning 
We are still purging and organizing our place. I ordered a bathroom door caddy so I can finally get my blow dryer and some of my hair stuff organized so I can free up one of the bathroom drawers for other stuff for the goober or just to get less stuff on the counter. We also stocked up on some bathroom supplies like shampoo and conditioner this month.

South County Boy is back to playing with electrical outlets... Were moving the light switch inside the baby nook and adding an outlet to the closet since there isn't any power in there... but we need to move the switch because we want to add some small organizers right around the corner for a few of my shoes that don't fit on our shoe rack because I want the drawer my shoes are in for the clothes that I don't fit into at the moment.

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