Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shelves and Storage

So this month we really wanted to work on a few more practical things like water storage and re-organizing...

We were storing a 15 gallon water barrel under our computer... hiding beneath a sheet and it was starting to get on my nerves a tiny bit.

South County Boy wanted to order another one, but I told him before we did, we needed to find a better place to put not just the one, but the second one he wanted to order as well.

We used to have some rickety metal shelves in the storage closet out on the patio in SCB's shop... but he's long hated them and really wanted to just pick up some ply wood and build his own for sometime now.

So we cut a deal. I told him if he could get BOTH water containers into his shop, he could build shelves out of wood that wouldn't be pretty, but would be much more functional for the space.

After one visit to price out the wood, one visit to pick up the wood, and another visit to pick up more wood to finish, we spent around $125 on plywood and 2x4's... and further cemented the "3 visits to Home Depot" to complete a project. Once the old metal frame was out, we ordered some supplies from Emergency Essentials ($100)... and added not a 15 gallon barrel, but a 30 gallon barrel in addition to a few other items...

Not pretty, but UBER functional.... That seems to be the new trend around here... "functional..."

hmmmm.... I think SCB is getting too much "Say" in how our place should look... lol.

SCB still needs to move the smaller 15 gallon drum next to it in the shop (yes it will fit, we measured), so i'm hoping he will do that this weekend to get it out of the living room... I hate that there is just so much disorder and half finished projects laying around at the moment... Hopefully we will get on a finishing spree and then I can girl the place back up with neatness.

But for now we have 45 gallons stored (plus the 3 smaller camping ones in our kitchen that equal another 15 gallons I think), so a gallon per person per day + some for Dog and light washing/cooking.

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