Friday, April 11, 2014

Pinterest Win or Fail?

We have all seen things on Pinterest that we have wanted to try at one point or another.. and we have all seen those epic Pinterest "Nailed it" fail posts which goes to show not everything you see on pinterest actually works. 

Well, last time we took our car into the shop earlier in the year, the guy told me that my headlights needed to be "polished" down because the lights were not bright anymore... 

He told me it would be around $150.00 to have them polished down and we'd have to do it on a sunny day... 

Naturally, we put it off... and about a month ago I was helping plan a ladies night at my church based around "life hacks" and we came across this pin:

Needless to say I remembered that my car lights needed to be "brightened" so I volunteered to try it out and report it to the group. Here's my before picture:

According to the "pin" directions, I just needed to have my husband put toothpaste on my light and scrub.

That's just plain old Colgate from the cabinet... nothing fancy.

SCB adds a little elbow grease...

And that my friends is the final product. It seemed like the lights were a bit brighter when I was driving around at night... but nothing like the newer cars around me. When i'm the only car around, the lights seem bright enough to me... but when i'm on the road at night with other cars, my lights are pale in comparison. 

If the guy mentions it again, we may end up paying to get it done after all, but what do you guys think. Pinterest Win or Pinterest Fail?

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