Friday, April 18, 2014

Pallet Transformation

I always wondered where people got those pallets from to transform into something else... I mean when you look on craigslist or elsewhere, it just seems like such a hassel and such an expense to get that you might as well just purchase what your aiming for instead of taking the time and effort to make it yourself... That is unless you have a natural hook up...

SCB's business swims in pallets.

Everything they unload, comes on a pallet... and about once a month a guy in a truck pays them less then a buck for each pallet and halls them away to have them be reuse and recycled.

When SCB borrowed the work truck to help us get our old chest of drawers out of the place, there was one pallet left inside... and he decided it needed to come home with us.

I literally opened the door to let him in from work that day and I was greeted with him holding all these wood pieces. He told me he wanted to build something... after a couple of years of experience with him I knew arguing over the matter was useless.

I just shook my head and let him in.

My husband swear he isn't like his dad at all, but he always seems to be collecting things that other people discard. If it weren't for the annual purge, i'd have pulled out all my hair already. The other day I saw him fiddling with a remote and when I asked him where he got it and what it was for (since it wasn't for anything in our house), he slyly tells me he found it by the dumpster and that it goes to a DVD recorder that he's placed beside the couch...

The week before last, he picked up an insulated lunch pail cooler... swearing its bigger and better then the one we currently have that's not old and ugly looking...

Now you know why I hold fast to the annual purge no matter how much he complains and how much of it I have to do myself.

But back to the pallet.

Originally I thought he was going to use the wood to create something I could hook up our new wheat grinder too so It wouldn't damage my granite counter top... (We got a wheat grinder from his brother for christmas and its awesome)... But he told me no.

The wood stayed on our patio for a few days before he shoved it back into our car and drove it out to Utah where his father's tools were. While we were on vacation he had everything sanded and rounded down so it was nice a smooth wood.

During the week after vacation, I came home from a church meeting and walked into this?

Yup... Hubby  had dismantled our living room and was playing with power tools... at like 8:30 at night...

He told me he was building a "prop" table out of the pallet for the printer to sit on because he wanted more desk space...  Basically a flat surface with legs on one side that will just sit on our desk for support.

It actually doesn't look that bad at all and he put a sheet over it to hide all the stuff that's underneath it right now for the moment...

But Pallet turned into a desk shelf.

Oh the joys of living with a mountain man confined to a condo... Now if only I can get him to throw out that lunch box and dvd recorder he fished out of the dumpster.

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