Monday, February 3, 2014

What we Spent in January

Happy end of January everyone. I think a great word to describe January for me would be feeling accomplished. Sure my condo is pretty un-organized and still cluttered as I type this out, but I can't help but feeling good right now.

I've been working out (Yeah for cross training) and I feel like we have just eaten really well  (woot)... or perhaps its cause i'm checking out that picture of me in a navy blue dress I scored while out in Utah for only $6.... (right?). But i'm feeling good today... and I feel great about how we spent our money in January, even if we weren't perfect with our groceries.

We finally got around to doing a few small things around the house that had been growing on our nerved. You all saw the post about how I organized our end of year files, but we also replaced our deadbolt on our front door and  we replaced some of our sink piping fixtures that leaked when we ran the garbage disposal.

It was a simple $50 fix for the deadbolt and less than $10 for the sink, but its so nice just to have them done for a change... and to have the money in our budget to do them!

I'm also proud to say I've been cooking and we haven't had to toss a SINGLE piece of produce all month long!!!!!  I don't know when the last time I have been able to say that with a straight face.

In fact, we have only eaten out once a week for our regular date night all month long... and everything else we have been cooking and buying clean, healthy and organic foods.... even if it meant shopping in my mickey mouse pj's because we forgot to buy some much needed recipe ingredients.

But I've really enjoyed cooking and providing more real foods for the two of us.

SCB and I are a little bummed about the Dumbo Dash... It sold out before we could register. We got the 1/2 marathon, but not the dumbo dash :( So I guess its only 13.1 miles to glory for 2014... and since registration was selling out, we won't have the full $1200 we wanted for his Roth IRA this month since we had to drop $400 on our combined registration.

Other than that, we did pretty well with our spending.
That is the $5 dry/wet vac hubby got to buy at
Home Depot when he was making key copies..
We got it for $5 because it was missing a wheel
and they couldn't really sell it without a wheel...
and they couldn't just give it to us... but
somehow we ended up taking it home for
 only $5... 
What we Spent:
January 2014
  • Church Tithe/ Giving: $708.00 
    • (It was a 3 paycheck month for SCB)
  • Groceries: $349.84
  • Household Items: $36.95
  • Gasoline: $211.78
  • Housing: $1,115.34
    • Mortgage: $771.99
    • Extra Principle: $13.00
    • HOA: $270.00
    • Small house repairs:
      • $6.44 (fixing under the sink piping)
      • $53.91 (New front door deadbolt)
  • Eating Out: $81.83
  • Date Night: $2.00
    • (Woot for the $1 theater)
  • Clothes:
    • SCG: $83.44
    • SCB: $22.77
  • Dog: $14.93
  • Fun Money: $80.00
    • (Always $40 a month per person)
  • Cell Phones: $60.00
    • Went to a wedding!
    • Just my prepaid work phone. SCB didn't need to refill his trac phone this month.
  • Electricity: $61.83
  • Internet: $33.99
    • I think our promo rate ends next month in Feb or April?
  • Gifts:
    • Wedding: $50.00
    • Work parties/baby showers, etc: $20.00
  • Other:
    • $27.45 (Wedding Card, Walking Safety Light, 10 Storage Boxes)
    • $4.69 (2 car key copies)
    • $24.09 ($5 dry Vac, 7 house key copies)
    • $3.26 (post Office)
    • $10.79 (MLP dog tag, running light)
    • $3.21 (Bug Spray)
    • $347.75 DYSON Pet Vacuum (Kohls)
    • $208.18 Disney Half Marathon
    • $208.18 Disney Half Marathon

I has bangs now!

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