Friday, February 7, 2014

February Budget

Here's our game plan for February. Since we are really working on maxing out SCB's Roth IRA for 2013... we are going to try and stick to our budget this month and not go crazy (even with valentines day). 

Health Insurance
I had to revise the number slightly because we had our new health insurance premiums go in place so my checks shrunk a little in the take home department. Speaking of health insurance, SCB will be testing his new work insurance this month because he needs to go into the doctors to get his prescriptions renewed... Hopefully the $200 or so we have in savings will cover whatever out of pocket costs we will incur.

Groceries/Getting Healthy
We didn't make it last month, but hopefully we can swing our shorter 28 day month and get our average grocery spending closer to $300 a month and buy organic as much as possible. SCB is noticing a difference in how he feels when we eat better than when we don't... Which is good because I need him on board for this to really workout in the long run.

We may also be able to file our taxes this month... but only if we get our hands on the last W2 from the temp agency SCB worked for when he worked for Goodwill... They said they have mailed them out, but we still haven't gotten it... Depending on that income, we may or may not get a size-able refund. Right now without it, we are, but that may all change because we aren't sure how much money he made with the temp agency and how much was withheld for taxes.

Operation Roth IRA 2013
Hopefully the tax return will help us on operation 2013 Roth IRA... but we also need a little of our tax return to handle our annual bills (We normally take a few hundred from our tax refund and save it for paying our Car registrations and other annual small bills that come in right around that same time.)

Next month is also "profit sharing" month for SCB's company. Were not sure how much he will get since he worked only part of the year, and he gets less then the sales guys because he's just in the warehouse, but were hoping it might be something that can help us cover the shortfall by the deadline.... but we won't know until next month so with that being said, our goal for February is going to be to send another $1,275.00 to his 2013 Roth IRA. We have until Tuesday, April 15, 2014, so if we stick to our plan we will still be short $1,175.00 by the deadline since we only have $1,275 right now.
  • February - $1,275.00
  • March - $1,275.00
  • April - $500.00 (SCB will only get 1 paycheck before the deadline)
We can hopefully float $500 from our EF for a week or so since SCB would get a paycheck the next week so we could put it back... but that leaves us to find $675 over the course of the next couple months... and we still have to register my car for 2014 right around that time too which will take a couple hundred since it has to be SMOG'd too. 

February Budget:
Mortgage: $771.99
Church Tithe: $580.00
Other Church offerings: $40.00
Groceries/Household Items: $300.00
Date Nights & Eating Out: $100.00
Pocket Money (each) $40
Cell Phone Work Reimbursement: $60.95
HOA: $270.00
Utility Bills: $150.00 (Second cell, Electricity, Internet)
Gasoline: $250.00
Discretionary: $197.00

Christmas Savings: $50.00
Birthday/gifts Savings: $50.00
Vacation Savings: $100
Roth IRA: $1,275.00
Insurance Savings: $143.00
Prescriptions/Doctors Visits: $50.00
Roxy (Dog) Savings Account: $50.00

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