Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We bought a new vacuum!

I know I just got done posting a blog about how we aren't going to be spending South County Boy's paychecks... but in our defense, January is a 3 paycheck month for SCB so we should still be able to save $1,275 towards his Roth IRA this month if all goes to plan.

It all started the other day. I generally try to vacuum once a week since our condo is small and Roxy generally keeps to certain areas of the house, and it was about that time in the cleaning process.

I generally start in the living room and by the time I've covered the area, I generally empty out the container and smack the air filter over the side of the railing to knock out all the dust... Then i'd do the bedroom and the hall way, and do the same thing to the container and the filter... The process finally ends with a final once over of both rooms to pick up a bit more debris and since the container normally just picks up about a smaller amount I generally call it done.

So as I was putting the vacuum away and giving Roxy some attention since she hates the vacuum and it scares her, I noticed I could still see dog hair on the carpet...

But I had just vacuumed not once, but twice.

It became apparent that my 8 year old Hoover wind-tunnel wasn't cutting it anymore with a dog in the house.

It was also that week in Costco where they Demo'd the Dyson DC-41 Animal Plus model.

The suction was unbelievable... and we took it home. They had a $90 instant rebate, but it still cost us $525 with tax to take it and all the attachments home. On the plus side, It had way more suction then our older model and it also is lighter and quieter.

Just going over the carpet in the red box, yielded the result below.

EWW... That my friends was in just one swipe of my carpet. We continued the rest of the living room and when we were done, we had to empty the chamber.

Bedroom and living room....
All in all, were feeling kind of good about the vacuum at this stage in the game... especially because my carpet normally doesn't look "just vacuumed" after an hour later... and it looks just vacuumed THE NEXT DAY!!! 

Impulse buy, yes... but i'm not choked up about it. My carpet looks so much newer too!

We are going to have SCB take our old vacuum to work since the one he uses to clean up around there just doesn't work very well and since our old one works fine without a pet, he thinks his boss will be happy with it.


  1. It might be an impulse buy but looks like a need one!

    1. Seriously... mind you we didn't try to vacuum with the old one first and it had been over a week, but I was a little grossed out!!!

      On the good news front, our old one actually went to a couple who is getting married on Saturday. They were really excited to get a hand me down in as good of a condition as our old one.