Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Integrity has a price... often less than you think

Last night we went to the grocery store to pick up some food.

South County Boy and I have been trying to buy the "dirty dozen" organic as a way to be a bit more mindful about what we are eating and to try and help me ditch the weight i've recently put on because I stopped exercising regularly... (and lets face it... i'm a yo-yo when it comes to the scale). 

So, when I was in the produce section, I noticed they didn't have anymore green produce bags for the organic food. Literally all of them were gone and we were in a bit of a hurry so I just pulled the regular white ones down since all the food stickers said organic still... 

Long story short when we had to check out, the guy at the register was trying to speed us through the line and just typed in the codes without looking at the produce numbers. He was going really fast so it took a few moments for the items and prices to appear on the screen.

When it finally appeared on the screen as non-organic-- I stopped him and told him that our apples and green onions and our bell pepper were organic but that they were out of the green produce bags... 

He just kind of stopped and stared at me for a few seconds. 

So I continued. I told him he hadn't charged me enough for the groceries... 

(more pausing)... 

Then, a little flabbergasted, he pulled the produce back and re-entered it into the computer. 

All in all, my purchase was about $2 to $3 more since we weren't buying much... but I knew I just wouldn't have felt right about it... 

When we got to the car I remembered back to a recent general conference talk... that addressed this same issue and remembered a story about selling your soul for a nickle.

Link is below if you want to check it out.

What Shall A Man Give in Exchange For his Soul.


  1. I applaud your honesty. We need more honest people in the world.

    1. Thanks Nadia, ur a sweet heart! I just thought it was really cool that I remembered the talk about the same thing almost immediately after as I was walking to the car. I love when I have those moments!

  2. Yes, kudos on being honest. Next time you may want to mention it to him beforehand so he can look for the codes. He was probably flabbergasted someone was being honest!

    1. That was actually the idea, but when he started ringing us up, SCB was talking to me and I didn't see him actually start to do our groceries... I wasn't expecting him to plow through it like that... (he actually wasn't that gentle with our produce which made me a little sad).