Monday, December 16, 2013


I'm slowly ever falling in love with Ikea... especially since South County Boy is VERY good at putting their furniture together without complaint.

Not only did we get a new kitchen table last month or so, but we finally decided to say "good-bye" to the horrible over the toilet storage thing we had in our bathroom.

4 hours and a lot of future ideas later, we walked out with 2 $50 cabinets... and SCB came home and installed them.

Now all of our stuff is hidden and I have less to dust every time I clean the bathroom.... and these are really good quality compared to the cheap stuff we would have found at Target and Walmart.

Another plus, the great purge of 2014 has already begun and the bathroom is done!

I'm just wishing we would have thought to look for towel bars at Ikea instead of Target... but I like the ones we did eventually put up when we took down the weird glass shelf and towel holder that was there before.

Now he can't put his towels on the shower curtain!


  1. IKEA is awesome...and I'm lucky enough to live a 10 minute drive away from one!

    1. LUCKY!!! We have to drive a bit of a ways... but were going to buy SCB a new wardrobe from there since he hates the closet.