Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Black Friday 2013

We went out and did Black Friday again this year. While we visited a few stores, we generally spent the bulk of our money at Kohl's... $334.22 to be more precise, this year it seems like a lot of people chose to stay home... or perhaps we had a different experience because we weren't at Walmart or Target when they opened.

But we headed to Kohl's because we had the standard 15% off coupon and the free $10 they mailed out and there were some items in the ad we had been meaning to purchase. The 15% and the free $10 saved us an extra $64.62 ... and landed with $90 in Kohl's cash to come back with... but more on that later.

What we got on Black Friday:

  • I got a new wallet ($14.99 instead of $40) since mine has been broken for some time and can't hold coins. (It was a wallet I had back in college when I used to go country line dancing-- so Sophomore year???)
  • We got a toaster oven because I've been wanting to pitch our toaster for some time now because its so hard to clean... and I've always wanted one ($24.99 instead of $40)-- We could have gotten a $10 rebate, but SCB tossed the box before I could cut the Proof of Purchase from the box.
  • We picked up 2 new duffle bags ($20 instead of $100 each) because we noticed that one of our old bags was ripping the last time we used it when we went to Utah. 
  • We picked up 2 small blue tooth speakers so we can better hear our audio books when doing chores and while SCB is in the shower.($15 each instead of $30).
  • I got two purses. A smaller one for the everyday, and a larger one for when I need to take more things with me. These were to replace my current everyday purse that is over a year old that we got from Target that was breaking at the handles and that always managed to get stuck on my emergency break in the car. The first we got for $23 instead of $60, the second $25 instead of $70.
  • SCB wanted a nice toiletry bag - $22 instead of $45 This was a whim purchase.
  • I bought my mom a pair of boots for Christmas ($30.00 instead of $80)
  • I bought 2 pairs of comfortable jeans for $33 each... not really on sale, but I was on a mission for pants and its hard to find ones with a good length and these were ones I wouldn't need to hem.
  • I got one shirt for $15 that I LOVE.
  • SCB got a 3 pack of collar extenders and some of those things you shove in dress shirts to keep the collar straight, together they were around $15.
  • The rest were 4 pairs of gym pants I got to wear at work and while working out ($14, $18, $18, $18 instead of their regular $36 price). -- A large reason we went to kohls in the first place.
We later went back since my mom gave us her $10 coupon that she got in the mail and didn't use... and we used it to purchase a $100 bathroom rug... for free. It was one of those 22 x 60 memory foam mats... the kind that makes standing feel really awesome...

Apparently because it was so large in size, they clearance'd them down to $9.99...

We have been toying with the idea of getting a comfortable mat for our kitchen so standing and doing the dishes or prepping for dinner wouldn't feel like a chore, so when we stumbled upon this one and waived it under the price reader, we were shocked. The much smaller ones (aka more normal sized for bath rooms) were more money.

So we picked it up and went and checked out. With the coupon, we didn't even need to pay tax on the item...

But that wasn't the only awesome moment. I mentioned that $90 in kohl's cash we got? Well I didn't want to forget to use it so I went back on Monday and bought the last 2 large mats they had in the color that matched our kitchen tile (which made SCB so happy), I got 4 new bath towels, bought Roxy a huge dog bed, and got one sweater and only paid $3.16

Awe, the joy of Black Friday...

I also scored 2 shirts and a skirt for less than $20 at JC Penny, picking up my annual mickey snow globe for my collection...

We also hit Walmart and got 2 boxes of our tupperware (now that we have a chest freezer, these will come in handy for all the things we will freeze in there)... but that was it.

We even walked through Target and could have had our pick of TV's and other doorbuster items, well after their opening hours I might add, but we didn't want those things and didn't end up buying anything there.

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