Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Freezer is here!

We finally were able to bite the bullet and pick a chest freezer out. We picked out a General Electric 7.0 cubic foot chest freezer in White from the home depot. We went with the GE modle because there were tons of reviews online for it... and while we may have been able to find a different brand a little cheaper, the reviews were either really poor or non-existant.

We paid $220.00 for the freezer and then elected to pay for a 3 year warantee on Parts and Services for an additional $50.00 because it was a non-returnable item that was only available on and not in our local stores... plus any of the negative reviews talked about it possibly dying in 3 months after purchase so we decided to buy the insurance and go that route.

After taxes ($22.32) we paid $301.32, including free delivery. (We tipped the delivery guys $5 each because it's the holiday season and we're on the second floor.)

I was thinking we got this for a steal because Amazon wanted to sell it for $371.99 with shipping, Sears wanted $259, plus $99 in shipping... Walmart claimed it was an "in-store only item" and our store didn't carry it... Best Buy wanted $229.99 and 69.99 for delivery... Lowes wanted $229.99 with free delivery.

This morning while I was prepping this post, I noticed it went on sale... Yup, the same freezer is only $189.00..... :(   We could have saved $30 if we had waited a couple of days... but truthfully we just wanted to get it before the holidays... but the saver in me feels a little jadded because we did our research (and checked BF ads to see if if was going to go on sale and it wasn't listed).

Oh well. It runs really quiet so far and we found a nice place for it out of the way.


  1. Home Depot will probably do a price adjustment within a specified period of time.

  2. Can you take your receipt to the store and have them refund the difference? I know some stores do that within a certain time frame. Worth a shot. :) I miss our deep freezer! I miss being able to stock up on sale items, without the freezer we don't have the space.

  3. @Anon and @angella -- That's a great idea. I hadn't heard of Home Depot price checking, but its worth a phone call i'd say. :) I'll let you guys know how it goes.