Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I caught a shoplifter at Costco

I went to the Costco by my work the other day because SCB needed bread and goldfish for his lunch snacks. We normally go to the other costco but I was trying to get a few things done and had decided to patron this particular Costco that day.

In fact, I almost didn't actually go to the store because i missed the turn on the way home and had to circle around to get back on the right road and it was a little hassle for me... but I did it because I knew goldfish would please my hubby.

I was in a little hurry, but for some reason I kind of took my time hunting for things since the layout is different then our regular store... that and the samples were really good that day.

As I was almost finished with my shopping  (I was hunting for the illusive gold fish), a 60-70 year old man walked past me and dropped something between the pallets... 

I walk pretty fast normally, especially when i'm on a mission to find goldfish, but this 70 year old's pace was a bit brisker than mine which was off putting as he pushed his cart with just a few items in it..  

I kept walking and as I passed the pallet I looked to see what he dropped because it was heavy enough to make a noise (not like the trash some people toss between pallets), and that's when I saw it.

The clear packaging they put on the more expensive smaller items to make them larger and harder to steal. 

I had to get on my knees to fish it out and when I looked up I saw the old man tucking the blades into his back left pocket and fixing his sweater while he waited for enough space to clear up to push his cart through... It took me a second to realize the man was stealing.

After I got my wits about me, I grabbed my cart and followed him while hunting for an employee. He bee-lined to the checkout and I flagged down a lady. 

When I told her she started walking with me towards the front and helped me flag down another employee who could actually do something about it. When I told him the story and showed him the packaging and pointed out the guy who was now "checking out" with razor blades in his back pocket, the employee ran to get someone else.

Before the man got to the doors and the receipt checker they were able to speak with him and pull him out of line. He looked like he was denying it when they asked him about the empty container and asked to see his receipt... I couldn't hear any of the exchange, but from what I gather they asked him to go over to the entrance side of the store, because he left his cart and walked over there. 

At that point I went back to getting my goldfish since I couldn't see anything exciting. When I was heading back to the checkout line, they old man was being escorted right past me, holding the razors. I'm not sure why, but they were going to the back of the store where all the food was located.

On my way out I flagged down the manager the 2nd employee grabbed to thank them for being so efficient and fast with the problem. I think he was a little shocked that the person who turned in the old man was a 27 year old... when normally its the people "my age" and younger who steal... or that's at least what gets published. 

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  1. Good for you! People who steal are stealing from all of us because of the increase in prices.