Tuesday, October 1, 2013

failed in the final stretch

We didn't make it through our no spend month. We still added to our savings which was good, and I think it helped us start to get back on point a bit more, but we didn't make it, and there's no way to sugar coat that.

You see the flu hit SCB towards the end of the month... and a few days before that he forgot to take his antidepressants so we had a bit of a melt down week... and i called it off for his sanity.

But we have officially decided to just live off my income and try and save his.

For October, our budget will be a little all over the place because SCB will be changing health insurance plans. He's now eligible for his work benefits and the plan they offer is much better than his independent plan with Kaiser, but we will have to pay 2 premiums this month because his new insurance requires him to pay a month in advance of coverage.

But our emergency fund is growing and we finally have the sticker we need to register our car in California, so hopefully we can do that next week.

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