Monday, September 9, 2013

Payday and No Spent Month Update

I got paid on Friday, which means our Emergency Fund got its first payment in operation no Spend Month/Save the Emergency Fund. 

$269.36 was sent to savings. 

This was comprised of the normal $100 we put aside each month for vacation and travel, our normal $100 which we use for eating out and discretionary spending, and $69.36... which was money that we didn't actually spend when we went out to Utah on gas. (With all the pending amounts from the various gas stations we stopped at, I rounded up at the end of my last post-- Real damage was only $172.06 in gas and tolls, etc--)

Which brings our EF to $10,237.90 / 12,227.94, leaving us only $1,990.04 away from getting it back up to 6 months of expenses.

SCB and I have been really good so far with spending too.

I had to take a few clothing items back to the store and exchange them for better sizes, so besides the $12.69 difference in price, we have only bought food, gas, and have paid our bills as they come in... and that's with attending a baby shower and a baptism this week too.

We adjusted our grocery spending to accommodate the items we were asked to bring with us for both occasions.  For the baby shower we picked up spinach and artichoke dip and pita chips from Costco (leftovers we rolled over to the baptism since it was the next morning) and I added a fruit and a veggie tray...

I also made the following items for the shower with some yarn I already had in the house.
Puppy Outfit. (Its a way brighter pink but I snapped
the photo late in the evening and the camera
on the tablet isn't that great when its dark.
An owl blanket that matches the bedding they picked out.
Both items were well received :) Its been 102 degrees for the entire week and we have been really good about not running our AC and using fans and cool water for both us and Roxy. We have been taking her out when it gets cooler in the evenings and I have been enjoying my evening cold water bath before going to bed and sleeping with an ice pack. 

Next Friday SCB will get his first 80 hour a week paycheck. After 10% goes to Tithing, 15% to Retirement and we take out $20 each for spending money for the next 2 weeks, then rest will be diverted to our emergency fund and we should hopefully see a good jump in progress. 

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