Monday, September 16, 2013

No Spend Update

I wore my white dress with a black belt and headband to
make it look different! Score-- no need to get a new dress
this year!
What a busy week.

Last Friday SCB went golfing for the first time ever with his work. They took all their clients out for a day of golfing (best ball) so SCB borrowed some clubs from a co-workers husband and had a great time.

The next day SCB and I went and volunteered in LA at the Child Share annual Gala (The organization I do the LA Marathon for each year)....

and we're exhausted. It was a really full weekend for us and were only now starting to get back into the swing of things.
Tired... very tired...

Since we had to dress up and socialize, we used some of our "fun money" for the month to pay for some fast food for hubs...  but we did spend $50 on the silent auction item we won at the Gala... but it was for a good cause so, ya... it happened.

SCB got paid on Thursday and after tithing, retirement, our allotted pocket money, and the $50 for the auction, we dropped another $375.35 to the Emergency Fund.

It's now at $10,613.25... so only $1,614.69 to go!

We also found out that SCB will be able to participate in his company 401k... and they do a 3% match if you put in 6% so we are going to set that up this week so we don't leave free money on the table.

Here's to hoping this week calms down!

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