Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Free concert tickets!!

So South County Boy was listening to the radio while at work and heard the "cue to call" for tickets on the country radio station.

I was at home cooking his now new favorite dinner "Laura's Pasta" (that recipe from my co-worker that he now begs me to make for him all the time---- and that I refuse half the time so we don't have it every week and so he gets really excited when its on the table), Listening to that same radio station.

I was busy bustling around string the sauce into the meat and chopping onions when my husband calls me...

He asks me what were doing in 2 weeks on a Saturday night... I tell him nothing I can't get out of... and then he then tells me he won tickets for Kenny Chesney, Eli Young Band, Kacey Musgraves, and Eric Church at the Anaheim Stadium!!!!

I get really excited, hang up with him... and then burn my finger forgetting the boiling water is hot because I was distracted... But I digress-- 

So its Happy be-lated 2 year anniversary to us from Go County 105 FM!!!! (We celebrated 2 wonderful years earlier last week on the 9th :)

Tickets go from $43 to $807 and we won't know where they are at until we get them in the mail, but South County Boy is really excited because it will be his first real "i'm not in a park" concert in his life and he really likes Eric Church.

He's come close about 4 times to winning  the "go-fest" tickets they were doing over the 4th of july weekend while he was working... kept getting caller 20 or 18... But he won these! He's never really won anything before, (besides me, that is) so he's to the moon and back right now.

Were hoping his boss will be better about letting him work either a half day or a 6 hour day on the 27th so he can go-- or if the man will give him the day off entirely, but they are so short staffed we don't think a full day will happen. Last time he asked for a day off for the farmers market they didn't give it to him and I had to do the farmers market solo with my book for company.

I apparently already have a list of people that want to come with me if he can't... But hopefully I'll get to go with South County Boy and we will have a wonderful time!

yeah for winning unexpected things! 


  1. Holy Hannah! That's awesome! I love all those performers. I've heard Kenny Chesney is fabulous in concert. I hope he can get off work.

  2. Congrats. I hope you can both go.