Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HOA Increase

Well, another year in and another increase to our monthly payment to our Home Owners Association.

When I bought the place 3 years ago, the HOA monthly payment was $250. It stayed that way in year two until we got the notice that the payment was going to increase to $262.50 a month... which is what we have been paying since and was only a 5% increase.

Starting in August we will need to pay a nice round $270.00... a 2.8% increase since the last jump... and quite frankly, i'm not complaining.

The HOA has been really good about fixing stuff lately. Our Water Boiler was completely replaced and they have been making some nice landscaping changes that have, in my opinion, made our home look nice and more like a home where owners live and less like a place filled with renters who don't care about the property.

Now if only I can get our bong smoking, loud drinking and fighting couple and their roommate across from us evicted, my life will be complete.

My neighbor below us called the cops on them the other night because they not only woke all of us up yelling-- but they have a small child and with my background, I'm not staying silent-- someone needs to step in over there. But my neighbor beat me to the phone. Apparently the lady was screaming at the cops too so i'm sure it wasn't very pleasant all around. I'll get the details later...

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