Monday, May 6, 2013

Huge Wood Turning Weekend...

This past weekend my husband did LIVE Woodturning demos at our Cities 2 day Art Festival... Were both exhausted to boot, but we had an AMAZING TIME.

We blew through a few hundred business cards and had to start writing our info on scraps of paper as people kept buying and picking up information and watching South County Boy do his "thing" while I sold his lovely pens and pencils.

It was an amazing weekend and we sold over $800 in inventory!!!

I'm just blown away. We had the tri-fecta folks (mothers day next weekend, fathers day and graduation the following) and even with a bit of rain everyone came out... and watched and purchased...

We never had a slow moment in 2 days!

Here's a bunch of pictures for you all to see the step by step process to make a pen! Our Etsy shop will be updated later tonight if you interested in picking up a nice gift for someone special.

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