Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crazy Busy!

Married almost 2 years and he still
carries in all the groceries from the
car... a true keeper.
I haven't forgotten you all! I've been swamped with Relay For Life (I'm event chair for my local city and our event is June 1st so i've had tons of meetings, phone calls, and mini pre-event stuff going on)...

I'm currently going back for Day three of another 3 days lifeguard certification course that i'm teaching at work... 30 hours of work in 3 days... after a 40 hours work week on top of having to go back to work on Monday morning at 5:15 am and knock out another 3 days before a "Relay" work day event on thursday... and a glorious 3 day weekend I can't wait for...

SCB hasn't heard back from the movie theater... but they haven't contacted anyone...

He went to a job faire this week and has an interview WED with good will for what we think is a full time job... so cross your fingers. They called it a "group interview and training day..."

We did Disneyland with my bestie for a belated birthday gathering... It was awesome... Cars Land is epic...

and here's some photos to get you through this mini hiatus while I play catch up! I haven't forgotten you all and i'll be back to my usual soon!

too tired to put smoothie in a glass...

Belated birthday surprises at work...

I made this... my "i will crochet something
new" thing of the year... Meet the cutest
Cow ever... This guy is helping to cure
cancer... I sold him for a $10 donation
to Relay For Life.

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  1. You are a super busy girl. I'm hoping the best for your hubby😊