Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What We Eat...

I've been posting our monthly food purchases on the blog for a few months now for all the world to see... and its got me thinking about what we eat... how we eat... and if the amount we spend on groceries is A) allowing our family to eat healthy... and B) if it's something other people can do.

I won't lie, I ran across a blog article by a gal I love to read that posed a similar question... "How well do people eat when they only spend $200 or so dollars a month on food."

While I'd like to say that the amount we spend each month on groceries has been decided because of our amazing ability to do grocery shopping... but the reality of the matter is we spend what we do because its what our budget allows us to spend... so we try to do the most and best we can with it. Some months are successful, others not so much.

It seriously helps that we are only a 2 person household at the moment... but in all reality, SCB doesn't eat as well as I do. He often only eats twice a day and just snacks on what is convenient and closest. When I plan out our meals, he does better but its not out of the ordinary for me to come home at 1pm and find that he hasn't eaten anything all day so I either make him a lunch and show him all his food options or we have an early dinner around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and then he has "second dinner" after i'm back in bed and he's hungry again. Since he hasn't really had a stable job in over a year, he's still in bachelor mode unfortunately.

I know I've been cutting down on portion size a lot. Its about a month after the 1/2 marathon and I haven't been doing the 10 plus miles a week anymore and yet I've still managed to not only maintain the 15+ lbs weight loss since November... but the scale keeps flirting even lower.

But that blog article I read got me thinking. Is our food well balanced and healthy? Would I be willing to post what we actually do with the food we buy?

So I'm going to try to post a few pictures of some of the stuff were eating. It won't be perfect because I know i'll forget from time to time to snap a picture and there just might be some really weird food things because we have a few crazy work-a holic weeks and the shopping just might not get done, but I think it will be good to give this a whirl...

Of course the first time i'm testing this method out is the week that my husband and I were unable to go to the store, so we just got creative with what we had on hand!

So, Stuff we ate week:
Breakfast Ideas:
Banana, Greek Yogurt, Gala Apple -- Sometimes I eat my
Apples with peanut butter... and sometimes I add Granola in to
my yogurt for variety.

Canned Chicken mixed with diced onion, Salt,
Pepper, and Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt with Walmart Brand
"wheat thins"
Spaghetti with  Meat Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, mushrooms
Homemade bread with Monterrey Jack Cheese and 2 hard
boiled eggs (just the egg white part-- I toss the Yokes)
Natures Valley Organic Cereal with fat free milk

Tortilla with Green Bell Peppers, Onion, and Shredded Cheese.
Sometimes I add in leftover chicken, mushrooms, etc for

Home made smoothie (frozen
strawberries, Pineapple, Black Berries,
Greek Yogurt,  maybe a banana and some
generic crystal light mix from walmart.

Chicken Feta and Spinach Brats from Fresh and Easy
We also ate Burgers and Artichokes one night, A crock pot roast another, & did a "Loaded" Baked potato dinner as well...

I also had snacking veggies on hand with a greek yogurt dip... and we had a good salad in there too!

Were big on Frozen Veggies, Shake and Bake Chicken/Pork, & Drink Milk often. This week the hubby's "go to" food included Hot Dogs (because he loves them), Bean and Cheese Burritos, Cereal, and leftovers... (READ: Bachelor food!-- but were working on getting this better in the next week or so when we can get to the store to stock up and I have more time to help sneak in the healthier stuff!) 

So with a week or so of not being able to plan anything out, that's what we came up with... I'm going to try and do a better job of taking pictures of more things!


  1. I love seeing what you actually eat. I never thought of using Greek yogurt in place of mayo. That's way healthier.

    I actually have pinpointed a few areas within our grocery spending that are really adding up. My husband buys himself stuff for his lunches on a separate trip and its very expensive. I am already buying diapers for the little one and I include that in my grocery bill which can run $50 or so a month. I just want to have a mini stockpile.

    1. I'll have to keep it up... Once I get time for the grocery store it will improve!

      Today i was excited because SCB ate an apple without me asking him too!!!!!

  2. Nothing to do with this post, but..... I read quite a bit, comment occasionally; i use swagbucks to search for your blog each time (as opposed to coming straight to the blog) and lately your search as been winning me big bucks, so just wanted to say thanks ;)

    Have a great one!