Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday SCB

I made him this because he didn't want a
Cake... Just mint Oreo's. Who's the best wife
Ever... This girl!
Happy Birthday 
South County Boy!

I love you SCB and its AWESOME being married to you. Ever day gets better and as you turn another year older, I just find more and more things I love about you.


Since he turns 27 today... I thought it would only be appropriate to list 27 things I love about him.

  1. I LOVE WHEN HE READS to me... nothing is better on this whole world. The man should do audio books and he makes the best character voices.
  2. I love that he is taller than me. I honestly couldn't have married someone shorter or similar to my height since i'm so used to looking up.
  3. I love how he rubs my feet after a long run and takes care of me when I'm pathetic.
  4. I Love that he likes my cooking and is willing to try new dishes when I ask him to.
  5. I love that he makes the bed in the morning so I come home to a tidy house.
  6. I love how he tucks me into bed at night when he's going to stay up later than me... and how he carries me to the bed when I fall asleep on the couch.
  7. I love how he will give me his rainbows to wear up/down the stairs when i forget that the pair of shoes I want is in the car so my feet won't hurt on the pebble cemented stairs that hurt really bad.
  8. I love how he will come over and just ask me to dance with him in the kitchen for no reason... and that he knows "our song."
  9. I love that he is creative and can make beautiful things.
  10. I love his taste in movies and that he will watch Disney and chick flicks just to make me happy.
  11. I love how he knows when I NEED chocolate and will go to any lengths to retrieve it for me.
  12. I love how he surprises me with a clean house when I have a horrible day at work and he knows about it.
  13. I love it when he shows up to surprise me at work with flowers on my birthday and a BIG GIANT bear seat belted into my car on valentines day.
  14. I love how he thinks i'm the most beautiful girl in the world and tells me all the time.
  15. I love that he can be playful and laugh at me when i'm being silly and wanting to revert to childhood and play with stuffed animals and make them talk to him.
  16. I love that he will do all the technology things I don't want to learn how to do like loading audio books on my phone whenever I ask.
  17. I love his tastes in books. I have discovered amazing authors and books I never would have picked up in a million years.
  18. I love how much he loves him family... and its just a bonus that they get to be my family too --- because of him.
  19. I love that he is always willing to hold my purse for me when I don't want to or when its easier for him to hold it so we can hold hands.
  20. I love that he carries in all the groceries each week. He actually has me "load him up" so I can just walk to the door and unlock it while he lugs everything inside.
  21. I love the fact that I know he will always protect me and will let no one tear me down.
  22. I love that he helps me water my plants when I forget so my garden doesn't die.
  23. I love how he takes out the trash 90% of the times WITHOUT me asking him to.
  24. I love how he always puts the toilet seat back down so I won't fall in at 4 am in the morning when I sometimes don't turn the bathroom light on right away. 
  25. I love when he prays with me... its just really cool.
  26. I love when he realized I need friends and i'm feeling all sad and out of sorts so he calls my friends and tells them they need to come over and help *fix* his wife.
  27. I love that he does the dishes. I hate doing them. Its my least favorite chore and i'm so thankful that he is willing to do them... especially when I make elaborate meals and make a lot of dirty dishes. 
Happy Birthday Bumpkin Bear! I love you!

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