Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Money makes me happy

My new hair cut. Kept the length,
Just added layers and had them
thin like half of it away!
While I was paying some bills last month, I noticed I had $50 in Credit Card rewards that were just itching to be redeemed. This week the check got here and we had originally planned on putting this money in our checking account to get us closer to getting out of the hole we went into for car repairs... but since we were able to put that money back with our tax return, we decided on a little treat for knocking out not only one, but 3 of our annual goals for the year!!! (Replace our checking account padding, purchase the parts we needed to repair our desktop, and set aside money to fix a few things on Wanda, our 20+ year old clunker).

We turned that $50 into a nice new haircut for me, followed by dinner for SCB and I to Pei Wei... and some V-day clearance/holiday cheer.

We made our own Chocolate covered strawberries with supplies from the grocery store, picked up a heart shaped door hanger that I can put up next year, and I got a valentines holiday headband on clearance!

Yup, $50 free and clear and we decided to blow it and spend it.

and it was awesome.

Especially since I don't have to account for those receipts and stuff in our budget because it  was rewards money... and speaking of money, we got a refund check for $52.53 from our mortgage's escrow account!

Just out of the blue!

After challenging my property taxes last year we got $60 credited to our escrow account that I forgot to request and apply to our mortgage principle. Since we had a slight increase this year in our tax bill, we ended up getting back $52.53.

Since SCB's parents are in town this weekend so we will most likely do lunch out with them once... and the rest will be going towards a shirt that SCB REALLY wants.

Hopefully this will end our mini spending splurge and we can get back to our next saving goal... which is Wanda. We technically still have more than enough money from our tax return to cover what we originally planned to do to Wanda... but we should also take her in for her annual service check up and we might need to get her new breaks and buy the parts needed to fix the trunk and a few other minor issues to make our life easier with her.

So that's our next focus. :)

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