Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Food in January...

I have no idea if this will be a regular posting feature because I tend to get lazy and forget to do things with the receipts I pick up, but with food prices being what they are, and with our main grocery store on the possible fritz (fresh & easy isn't sure if it will be staying open much longer), I thought it might be nice to try and keep track of what we buy each month... and from where so we can get a good price long built so we know what to buy and where to buy it.

Plus it will be nice to see how long things last and when they need to be replaced.

I know this sounds silly, but I didn't know that Costco sold block cheese in other flavors than Colby jack until last week. Why is that? Because they put the name brand cheese in one area of the store, and the Kirkland in the other...

I have been passing the 2 lb block of Kirkland sharp cheddar there every week thinking it was some sliced cut up stuff because it was hiding from me... near the shredded and sliced cheese prices that are expensive... and I assumed those prices where the block cheese prices...

*** smacks hand to forehead***  

Mistake corrected.

We won't be buying cheese at Fresh & Easy anymore because its WAY cheaper at Costco since we eat a lot of cheese even though its just my husband and I :)

As for Fresh & Easy... I really hope they make it as a store... I'd hate for them to close their doors and for me to have to go back to *crazy* shopping...  (ie, having to go to 5 stores in a single weekend to get the best prices on everything because then we would have to really shop by the ads so we didn't get stuck paying $4.99 for chicken breasts ...... (please stay Fresh & Easy)... 


  1. Since SCB isn't working full time, why can't he go to the various stores (with a list-I know how men are at a store) to pick up the good deal. Also, if F&E closes, Target has very good prices on boxed/canned items; i.e. Grey Poupon mustard is $2.89 there and $4.99 at Safeway. Big difference. I think a price book is a good idea.

    Also, just curious, how long before SCB can get a job? I know there were some legal issues lingering. Are those done now?

    1. SCB gets really distracted... and we often don't shop with a complete list... so he would fill it with unnecessary items when I would pick up healthy foods and staples... so i'm not too sure having him go solo is a good idea...

      We will hear back from Utah state in March with the next steps in the process to get his old misdemeanor off his record... so we are hoping by Summer things will be clear.