Monday, January 28, 2013

January Farmer's Market Rundown

South County Boy had another opportunity to sell his handmade crafts at the local farmers market in January... and again did really well!!! You can see from the picture off to the side that we now have more display stands and a larger table since we picked up the one he left in Utah at his parents house over Christmas (well technically his mom "bought" that one off us so we could buy a folding one so it would fit in our car for the drive home-- Thanks Mom).

SCB has been able to consistently sell around $100 in merchandise on each visit-- even when the weather has been temperamental and the crowds few and far between. This steady opportunity has allowed him to finally start slowly expanding the items he can make to now include pencils in addition to the pens and the custom order letter openers and the 2 types of bottle openers he makes. 
matching pen and pencil sets ($30 for the pair, or
$18 for pencils and $15 for pens)
We have also found the key chains he makes and sells for $5 have been popular, which is good for us since they don't cost us much to make, especially since we use odd ends of scrap wood or leftover blanks that shatter on him while he's turning. 

This month he debuted a new stylus pen and they seemed fairly popular. We have also been adding a clearance section where he has been selling some of his early work or slightly flawed work at a discount and this seems to help us move inventory along. We now have a good set of what we order and what we don't anymore, and he even gets to experiment with some new items every so often. 

What's really starting to be a blessing is that we are finally getting to a point where we don't have to make sure all our funds from our last sale are in the bank before placing an order for more materials ..  and that means that we can start to slowly stock up on supplies so we can keep a larger inventory so he can either create an Etsy account online and list his items there or pick up venues where he will need a larger inventory (like the 4th of July street fair or the holiday boutique at the community center)!

 So what did he sell at the market?
  • 1 stylus pen
  • 2 clearance pens
  • 3 slimline pen
  • 1 Key chain
  • 1 Pencil
Pretty much at least one of everything in his regular inventory...

This month we also had a couple custom orders from some friends and people at our church which included:
  • 1 Bolt action Pen
  • 2 stylus pens
  • Matching Pen/Pencil Set with Case
  • 1 Fat-line pen
Not too bad if you ask me...and things might be looking up! Since the market has lost a lot of people due to the Friday morning time slot, it looks like they will be changing it to Saturdays in a month or so and then I can go with him and possibly sell some of my crochet items if I want to!

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