Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Updates

Well its sure been a fast flying couple of weeks for our household and some of my slacking off has prepared me for a very busy week with lots of phone calls and plans to make.

This weekend will will be driving up and selling our merchandise and SCB's dads bobbin inventory at a lace convention... which will make for a busy weekend ontop of the fact that I need to pull another permit from the BOE for that location, need to file a dispute for this years property tax still, need to call in and pay our earthquake and homeowners insurance premiums, and get all prepared for the church activities i'm helping with too!

You will notice a very large expense on August 21st... That would be the materials deposit for our 2 glass slider doors for our condo. The whole job will be slightly under $3k when we are done... but thankfully after another week of phone calls from other window companies and my threatening to contact the BBB about their robo calling, my phone has been silent. My windows should arrive sometime next week (We had a custom order one since its an odd size) and then we will pick an install date! I'm so excited to have them fixed before the santa anna winds blow through! Fall is so almost here and I can't wait because I love fall... everything about it is just awesome!

SCB has also been getting work! Last weekend he worked a wedding and before that he had a 4 hour gig with apple one working a registration table... and add in the last farmers market and this weekends opportunity to sell and things are just looking up, for which i'm glad. After this weekend we will be trying to work hard on going live with the Etsy site... Wish us luck!

Weekly Spending:
  • $20.62 Gasoline
  • $1,657.00 Window Deposit
  • Gasoline
  • $137.66 Cell Phones
  • $15.00 gas
  • $10.00 Eating out for SCB while working
  • $145.00 Giving
  • $30.06 Walmart (Groceries)
  • $35.14 Internet
  • $262.50 HOA Fee

Money Goals:
  1. 2012 Roth IRA SCG $3,072.36 / $5,000.00 (61.44%)
  2. Car Fund: $32.58 / $1,000.00 (3.25%)
  3. Paying Extra on the house: $179.74/ $1,301.28 (2 additional Mortgage Payments) (13.81%)
  4. 2nd Roth IRA: $0.00 We will just add up all of SCB's earned income for the year and at the end of the year just put at least 15% into a Retirement account for him...
    1. Apple One: $140.00 earned this year. (plus the gig he hasn't got paid for yet)
    2. RDS: $135.40
    3. Labor Ready: $0.00
    4. Wedding Florist Assistant...: ? (He gets paid soon so well find out then)
    5. Wood Turning: I don't think his business stuff counts as income until there is a profit and right now his wood turning business is in the red for the year since we are still investing profits to expand our inventory.

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