Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goodbye Nationwide! (part 2)

As I have been trying to simplify my retirement accounts (See 1st post here) we last left off with Nationwide apparently mailing me the wrong form to finalize the transfer of funds from my account there, to  ICMA-RC (apparently the form I filled out for this transaction was correct, so go ICMA-RC  for not dropping the ball on that transfer too!)

I had my HR rep on the phone with Nationwide and myself and we had just listened to 2 different people tell us we needed to submit 2 different transfer out forms and it was clear we were getting very frustrated.

My HR rep took over and explained that we had already submitted one form, that I had called yesterday and was supposed to have been emailed a form to fill out and wasn't, and that now 2 different people said we needed 2 other forms to make it happen.

The guy at Nationwide apologized up the yin yang for all of their internal mishaps and put us on hold for another 10 minutes because he was trying to get permission to just honor the form I had originally submitted.

When he came back on the line he told us he had submitted my file and a form to honor the form they had and to cut a check to ICMA-RC  so the transfer could finally go through and I could close out that account.

Seems simply, right? There couldn't be anymore hick-ups, right?


A week later and the funds weren't showing up

I went and got the mail and found out that they had cut ME the check instead.... Me, no where on any form did it say send the money to me, but rather  ICMA-RC ...

Its clear to say I freaked out at this point... I know that if you take money out of a retirement account you get fees up the wazoo and you only have so much time to get it back into a retirement account before you get nailed... and since all my forms were dated back to April and May, I was in full freak out mode.

I emailed my HR rep and told her about the check and she contacted their assigned rep at  ICMA-RC  and asked her to contact me directly about what I should do with the check and explained all the problems we had been having and she asked her to make this her number one priority...

She didn't call me... So I called her and left a message and mentioned the email... and waited... I tried the line a few other times the next day to no avail.

So, I asked my HR rep if I should call nationwide and have them cancel the check and resubmit it to the correct place since I didn't cash it.

She contacted them and i sighed in relief when the agreed.

So as of right now the funds are not sitting in my nationwide account, and they aren't sitting in my ICMA-RC account either...

and i'm praying they will pop up in the account this week!

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