Friday, June 15, 2012

Official Layoff Notice

So SCB went and got the mail and found an official layoff notice from his old employer. It's been 6 months to the date from when he got the "ax" and I'm still bummed out about it.

It's a bit of a salt in the wound situation since they never returned his calls about working or coming back in any aspect... But I guess that's what happens in this type of economy.

but, there is a bit of silver lining.

Apparently the hubby had been there long enough to earn a bit of vacation so they paid it out to him.

13.54 hours @ $10 an hour.

After they took taxes and everything out of it we get $111.40.

Not bad for something we didn't know was even coming in and our way... but it does remove any and all hope that they will call him and try and give him some work.


  1. That should also help him to continue to get unemployment for at least a year or until the current claim expires.

    1. Unfortunately we have already received the money we were awarded on the note.

      I feel really stupid for not claiming unemployment in November... because then we would have had a 2011 claim and a 2012 claim so we would have money coming in still...

      But we are pretty sure we are out of funds since we haven't received any notices about extending our benefits... and we can't get through the phone lines because they are jammed.

  2. Can he start going back to Labor Ready then, like he was?

    1. Yes. We were just hoping that it wouldn't get to that because the work was horrible for him....

      But that's kind of the plan.