Thursday, May 17, 2012

We're still here, I promise... just busy little bees.

So much has been happening and going on in our house hold that I really just don't know where to begin.

We both turned 26... survived mothers day... & I've been working my tail off getting Relay For Life moving and shaking since its NEXT MONTH! Oh man where did the time go?

We are both trucking along and growing together as a couple. Its weird to think that in 7 and a half weeks we will be hitting our one year anniversary!

Just to briefly update, tomorrow SCB will try and sell his pens, bottle openers, and letter openers at the local farmers market so cross your fingers for us because I think SCB has run out of benefits for Unemployment and we can't get through the phones or anything to see if we can extend his benefits (they litterally hang up on you and tell you the lines are full) so we are hoping this can take off and really work out into something great. Who knows, maybe we can branch out to some other farmers markets in the local area?

Wish us luck!

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  1. FYI, they normally process extensions automatically. It may take an extra week to get a new claim form. If it's been longer than a week past the day he normally gets his form, then I would definitely try to call early in the morning.

    Good luck at the farmer's market!!!!