Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yawn... Sleep is good

Yesterday at work I got two surprises. A day off, and $100!

Apparently my boss can't pay me out 22 hours of overtime without his budget going crazy so i'm typing this after sleeping in to a beautiful 8:30am! I'll probably end up with around 10 -12 hours of overtime from my weekend work since we have been adjusting my hours and having me take a day off-- but the rest is wonderful.

Last night I got to hang out with my best friend for an hour or so as she was heading home from work because I didn't have the nasty 4am alarm clock to look forward to this morning... and I spent my after work hours in the afternoon with my husband window shopping and trying to figure out birthday ideas for him... and how I will spend my $100.00!

What $100?

I'll be celebrating 5 years of full time employment with my company and so I get to pick a $100 gift certificate to any store I want (I pay the taxes like its income on my paycheck-- but I still come out ahead). So i'm trying to decided if I want to get it for a certain store and use it as additional birthday spending money (I won't get it the card until mid May)-- or just get $100 to target and use it for groceries and house items we should probably be getting and stocking up on. (You used to have to pick a place in the local mall, but they have opened it up to any store in the city I work for.)

I'm just bummed there isn't a Walmart in the city because i've had my eye on an $88 "girls" bike (cause i'm too short for adult ones)... but I might ask my mom and sister to get it for me for my birthday instead.

Today my hubby and I will be window shopping around town, maybe seeing a movie at the dollar theater... and just getting out of the house before I have to go to my evening work meeting tonight.

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