Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Checking Account & Updates

After spending the weekend relaxing and focusing on our small side business, we knew in order for it to be legitimate, we needed to open a business checking account.

We do most of our brick and mortar banking with Bank of America, and all of our regular banking at ING Direct. We also keep our emergency fund at Sallie Mae and our major credit cards are with different banking areas as well.

But we really wanted to try out a new bank for the business account-- and with US Bank being walking distance from our house, we decided to start there.

It was really easy. We just walked in, sat down with a representative, and within 15 minuets we had a joint business checking account set up-- with no fees :)

When we got home the next day I went ahead and got our "Square" account set up and we should receive our mini credit card reader in a few days. This means we will be able to do credit cards at the farmers market and we will only be charged for transactions-- no maintenance fees.

I also hit up Vista Print and after creating our business logo, I ordered some business cards and a banner. I had some credit on my account from a botched calendar that they refunded, so I applied that to the total to make it cheaper. We are looking to borrow an ez-up from a friend so we don't have to fork out around $90 for one. We already have a table and a chair.

I also found out that it will cost us $20 for the stall or 7% of our sales, whichever is greater. Which isn't that bad for a shot to see if this is something viable or not.


  1. Good Luck with the business. Has SCHubs considered starting his own website in addition to the business and/or selling his pens on Etsy?

    1. Yes... we just need to work out the kinks. We aren't sure if Etsy is worth it or if having our own website is more up our own alley.

      But we do plan to get online in some form.