Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

Weekly Updates:
Busy. That's one word to sum up this past week. I worked Sunday through Saturday straight with an evening meeting in there too... Marathon trained and completed 18 miles... and had my in-laws in town for Friday, Saturday & Sunday... and I have to work on the upcoming Holiday.


This upcoming week I have cancelled everything midweek and will not make any plans what so-ever besides going to Chili's on Thursday for Relay for Life giveback night and doing my phone interview on Friday for AM570 Fox Sports Radio.

So besides that i'm committing to no after work meetings, appointments, or gatherings. Since we are puppy sitting this week in the mega mansion, I'll be trying to relax, work on a few crafting projects, and try and catch up on some reading and blogging.

We had a very enjoyable valentines day... Simple but enjoyable. Hubby brought me flowers at work, we ate cheesecake and toasted in our wedding flutes, and then the next day when I was leaving work, I found these guys in my car:

SCB got them discounted the day after V-day.... SOOOOO soft and fluffy!

We also got to enjoy some time with SCB's mom and day. The drove in Friday and left Sunday morning. There was a lace convention so they spent most of their time selling bobbins and lace tools at the convention (which was good since I was either working or marathon training on Saturday so we just met up for dinner)... But it was really nice to see them!

On their instance, we hit chipotle with them for dinner on Friday after we helped them set up their selling stall, and about half way through our food, my father in law found this:

Yup, that's an earring... with a purple gem... EWWWWW

Weekly Spending:
February 13th:
February 14th:
  • $11.79 Costco Cheesecake
  • $3.68 Ralphs- Dessert stuff when SCB realized he didn't like cheesecake
  • $12.93 Sprouts- Flowers
  • $5.39 Walmart- Card
  • $11.39 CVS -Card, Dew, & small chocolates for SCB
  • $6.84 Chipotle dinner for 2!
February 15th:
  • Costco: $5.23 (Lunch)
  • Costco: Eye Exam: $49.00
  • Costco: 2 pairs of glasses $239.95
  • Walmart: $26.89 (the bears)
February 16th:
February 17th:

  • $13.68 Chipotle (Dinner with SCB's parents)

February 18th:

  • $8.00 The Hat (SCB got lunch with his parents while I was working).
  • $137.79 Cell Phones

February 19th:

Money Goals:
  1. 2011 Roth IRA: $5,000 / $5,000. Fully Deposited!!!
  2. 2012 Roth IRA SCG:  $220.00 / $5,000.00 (4.4%) 
  3. Emergency Fund: $11,395.56 / $12,500.00 (91.16%) 
  4. Paying Extra on the House:  $0 / $1,301.28 (2 additional mortgage payments).
  5. $1,000.00 Car Fund: $0 / $1,000.00 
  6. 2nd Roth IRA: 15% $0 / ? We're just aiming to put 15% of what SCB earns in this account. 

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