Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Cut off my hair!

My Before shot!
After getting our family pictures back (we took then over the Christmas holidays), I finally came to a conclusion that I had been putting off for some time...

My current hair style wasn't doing much for me. Sure it was long, thick, and pretty, but it just hung there and was becoming an ever increasing pain to deal with.

SCB would accidentally pull on it in the middle of the night when he would roll over in bed... I was constantly having to pull it back and braid it to keep it out of my way at work (only to have it still fall in the pool when I was changing lane lines)... and it did nothing to frame my face.

I was beginning to think I was looking like a 12 year old version of myself since my hair went down to almost my waist.

It was time to do something about it.

Who doesn't love this look?
Since SCB got laid off in December, we haven't been able to give financially like we really wish we could and we have been looking for ways to give without requiring a monetary donation since then.

I'm currently teaching crochet lessons at my husbands church and working on a lap blanket to donate to an assisted living community.... I'm participating in the LA Marathon on behalf of Child Share to help raise money for their organization, and i'm the event chair for Relay for Life for my local city. Occasionally we sponsor a Kiva loan online... but that's kind of it for now...

So I decided to look into locks of love and after an hour and a half looking at pictures on the internet, I took in the photo of Mandy Moore and embraced the scissors.

They took my hair and put it in two pony tails and blunt cut 12 inches off. I had too much hair for one pony tail.

yes, two rubber bands full!!!!!! Goodbye 12 inches
Normally when people go in for Locks of Love, they don't come out looking awesome (at least that was the opinion of the guy working the front counter).

Apparently most people with long hair can't pull off a shorter look.

I told the gal cutting my hair that we would need to thin it out a bit for the style to work and I knew it would be slightly shorter then the photo I brought in because I thought they would only cut 10 inches off (but they cut 12 inches so they have a usable length of 10 inches).

Everyone in Super Cuts was astounded when I left. Including the guy at the front counter.

I've been getting compliments everywhere I go! Best $13 hair cut ever!


  1. Exciting! I donated to Locks of Love a few years back but only had a couple inches of hair left to play around with. I don't regret doing it but my scalp itched for a long time because of all the styling gunk I had to put in it. You look great and much more 20-something! Congrats!

  2. ya, i really needed a new look... that one was really dating me back to younger times

  3. You look beautiful & so young & fresh!! Love it! :)

  4. Oh my gosh - that is SO flattering on you! You look like a grown up now! :) Enjoy the compliments, they are definitely deserved.

  5. You look fabulous! And what a great thing you are doing by donating to locks of love!!!