Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New monthly bill...

South county boy went to Kaiser yesterday to do an annual checkup, meet his new doctor, and get one of his prescriptions refilled.

Tomorrow he'll need to fast and just drink water for 12 hours and then go back to get his blood work up done to see how healthy he is and where we need to improve.

In the mean time though, it looks like we will have a new monthly bill. With my old prescriptions, I used to be able to get a 3 month supply in the mail for $10 since it was generic... but the hubby takes name brand Singulair and that's $20 for a 1 month supply from the pharmacy. I think his antidepressant is generic so I hope we can get the three month supply for $10 for that too, but either way it looks like well need to start setting aside about $25.00 a month to cover prescription costs for SCB.

It seems like our tight budget just keeps getting a bit tighter these days.

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