Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

We just finished up another busy week for our little household. On Monday I decided not to take my keys outside with me to work and still locked the house. When I got out to my car the panic set in. SCB was in Anaheim with our hide-a key under his car... Thankfully I apparently think fast and called my mom who's down the road, woke her up, and asked if she could drop me off at work because I'm an idiot. Thankfully she obliged and I got there on time. We ended Monday with a "Family Home Evening" at someone home as apart of my husbands church stuff...

Tuesday was another day of work, but early for me... then we had my weekly bible study night to attend... Wednesday was work and missionary night.... Thursday was work and I had dinner with my old roommate who was really wanting to "catch up with me." Finally Friday hit and our first unplanned evening of the week... while we planned on cooking dinner and everything, it just didn't happen since we were finishing up some last minuet Christmas shopping for my sister with the $100 my mom repaid us for the kohl's Black Friday shopping.

Saturday were were up bright and early to take SCB's beater in for its oil change... $630.00 later his car runs a whole lot better and we apparently won't be starting a "car fund" because we spent all the money basically fixing his serpentine belt, getting a new battery, the oil change, new front breaks (the actually breaks), and a few minor things. After that we grocery shopped, did the weekly laundry and cleaning, went to my church for our night service, then went to SCB's ward because they were doing a live nativity with real animals outside... (It was really amazing and what I needed to put me back into the Christmas spirit.)

Sunday started at 7:00am as my friend and I started walking 12.25 miles in 36 degree chilly weather while we continued to marathon train... After finishing that I got cleaned, dressed a turkey, and we popped it into the oven on the way to church at SCB's ward, thankful that church was an hour shorter today so we got home in time to take out the bird, carve it and put it away for today's dinner, make a quick apple crisp, and walk a complex over to meet up with 2 young married couples from "the ward" to watch the Church's "Christmas message" together and have a meal... then home, work on some crochet projects, and sleep....

Yup, a busy week. We're going to pass on tonight's "Family home evening" because SCB and I don't think we are getting enough "us time" so our family night won't be including other people this week. Were going to watch a Christmas movie in bed on the new TV and eat Turkey!

FYI, Subway has $2.00 6-inch subs this month- cold cut, meatball, and veggie..... yum! Since my mom gave me $100.00 by buying the stuff I bought originally at Kohl's, we used that money for the additional Kohl's shopping this week, Walgreens, the unexpected dinner with my friend, & our 2 subway stops since our week was really busy.

Weekly Spending:
December 1:

  • Walgreens: $18.24 (Christmas Decoration items)
  • Dinner with Friend $15.00

December 2:

  • mnt dew $2.68
  • Subway: $6.47 
  • Kohl's: $37.90 (Sister's Christmas present + 2 pairs of shoes for me... woot woot for kohl's cash... we saved $111.80)

December 3:

  • Gas: $44.48
  • Subway: $4.16 (It was wither Subway or hot dogs/pizza from Costco, & I won and we did Subway again.)
  • Fresh & Easy: $40.43
  • Costco: $4.69 (Milk)
  • Car Repairs: $630.01

December 4: $0.00

Savings Goals:
Roth IRA: $3,850.20/$5000.00 -- Will be maxed out with extra paycheck at end of December
Missing Paycheck: $429.21/$647.00
Dental loan: just waiting for the credit so we can close out and pay the loan...

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