Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Temporarily" Laid Off?

When South County Boy got his paycheck on Friday after a long day of work he and 4 other employees were told that for the next 2 months they would be on call and should NOT assume that they are coming into work at all... or getting paid...

No notice what so-ever...

He was told they may call him in sporadically, and they will try and give notice, but there's no promises... and who knows how long he'll be "on-call" without pay.

He left a message for the HR department to see if he's actually being laid off (and thus can qualify for Unemployment benefits) or if he's unable... but since businesses don't have YOUR best interest at heart, he's also going to go down to the unemployment office on Monday to see if he should apply for benefits.

Then it off to Labor Ready to re-activate his status there (or wait till Thursday and re-take the safety test if its needed)... and a call to our contractor friend to let him know he's looking for work...

Thankfully, well be able to get by this month.  We've eliminated the second paycheck the hubby would have gotten, and we will be spending the "missing January paycheck" for our trip to Utah... and instead of dumping the rest of the Roth IRA money in immediately, we are going to wait until February in case we need to access it between now and then.

We are also now operating under our "one of us is now unemployed budgets."

Thankfully, we have been good about not increasing our budget and focusing on goals with SCB's income... Any money left at the end of this month is getting transferred to savings.

Earlier this week we finished all of the rest of our Christmas shopping so that's out of the way... but what really gets me is the fact that they gave NO notice. The cabinet division they eliminated earlier this year was given some notice about when they would be out of work... but this time, they did nothing to warn my husbands team.

So now we sit in Limbo until Monday trying to find out if he's been laid off or not... Is this even legal for a company to do-- to cut your hours to zero for 2 months, but not fire you?

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  1. Something is fishy. I don't think this is legal. Will you post more about his employment status? Is he a W-2 employee?

    Depending on what HR says - and if the unemployment office gives you any grief, you guys might think about talking to a workers' comp attorney. The first consult should be free.

  2. My mom had her hours cut from 20ish a week down to about 4 a week. She was able to file for unemployment since her hours were so drastically reduced. I think SCB will be able to do that as well. Definitely look into it. It won't be as much as full unemployment, but it will be better than no paycheck at all.

  3. yes well follow up with what we learn when he calls HR on Monday and when he goes down to the SS Office.

  4. As long as he's working as an "at-will" employee, employers can terminate or reduce hours at any time without advance notice. Sounds like you will be filing a Partial Unemployment Claim if his employer plans on retaining him:

  5. Sorry to hear this! I'm sure you two will bounce back just fine.