Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spending Updates/Black Friday

All I can say, is were done Christmas shopping... (minus SCB's dad, and my sister because I have to return her gift cause the shoes I got her were too big--- ya she tried them on already... and SCB..)...

I know we spent some serious money, but after tightening out belts for a while and then finding out the great dental news (and the fact that the ROTH IRA WILL GET MAXED OUT BY THE END OF THE YEAR), we decided to get some things we were putting off for a while.

We ended up using the $175 from puppy sitting since we will be able to budget in the paycheck we won't get in January into December's budget. We also spent $250 in extra wedding money we had still set aside for a TV (The extra money from the TV and the puppy sitting paid for the Jewelry item from Zales), and with some overtime... everything was paid for in cash, with out christmas fund, and were still on track with our goals.

Most of what we bought were needs (like clothes), some were wants, some were treats, most were gifts, but in the end nothing was left on the credit card.

November 19:
  • Subway: $12.00-- after marathon training I was starving... SCB picked me up lunch :)
  • Mimi's: $31.00-- after the funeral I grabbed a bite with my friend and treated since it was near her birthday.
November 20:
  • McDonalds: $5.36
  • Cell phones: $133.74
  • Fresh & Easy: $43.63
November 21:
  • Woot Shirt: $10.00 (Stocking stuffer)
November 22:
  • Target: $130.23 (Stuff for SCB's family-- will be repaid part of it next month, the rest I believe was )
  • Walmart: $57.93 (Christmas lights, Stocking items, wrapping paper, etc)
November 23:
  • Gas: $56.66
November 24:
  • Ralphs: $15.80 (veggie platter and Mnt Dew for Turkey day)
  • Birthday Dinner Party @ Restaurant $50.00
November 25:
  • Ralphs: $2.19 (milk for thanksgiving-- mom's was bad...)
  • ????? $3.41
  • Target: $56.02 (Jeans, + 2 sweaters)
  • Amazon: $47.98 (New Running Shoes)
  • Kohl's $110.24 My mom repaid me for the clothes I bought for me, and will wrap them as christmas presents. 
  • Best buy: $426.27 (Xbox, 2 games, controller, xbox live cards, headphones and a TV!)
  • Zales: $316.59 --- Hubby bought me something shinny for Christmas since we got money back from the dental loan!
  • Chipotle: $14.92
  • JC Penny: $36.81 (jeans, 2 Sweaters)
  • Think Geek: $33.67
November 26:
  • Red Robin: $32.00
  • Target: $28.92 (Christmas light timer, Christmas Lights, Cereal)
  • Starbucks: $14.75 (birthday treat for my friends birthday)
  • Walmart: $28.77 (Christmas decorations, stocking items, craft supplies)
November 27:
  • Fresh & Easy: $47.11
November 28:
November 29:
  • EZ Take Out: $12.26
  • Internet: $38.94
  • HOA: $262.50
  • Gas: $32.69
November 30:

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