Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

I really short Weekly Update for you all... I've been busy planing a second memorial service, trying to cook more, plan the upcoming holiday and our back up plan if all goes south, add in work meetings, and life and its a short update week for us.

I literally spent Sunday getting up at 7am, doing an 8 mile walk with my friend, showered and got dressed for church, prepped dinner for the crock pot, made a batch of cookies and cornbread (for our chili dinner), then raced to church for 3 hours, came home, ate, worked on the baby blanket while the hubby did the laundry (God bless him) and then crashed because I was exhausted....

We should also be hearing from the dentist insurance company any day now... Cross your fingers!

November 5:
  • Fresh and Easy $41.22
  • Woot $10.00 (T-shirt stocking item for the hubby he picked out)
  • Food Storage Money: $60
  • ATM: $20 -Home depot tool run.. $10 pocket money for SCB
November 6:
  • Michael's $10.75- Yarn and Stuffing for Christmas presents. 
November 7:
  • Electric Bill: $43.83 
  • Gas: $38.37
  • Gas: $20.01
November 8:
    • Ralphs: $21.21 (Christmas Shopping)
    • Marshalls: $62.75 (Christmas Shopping)
    November 9:
    November 10:
    November 11:
    • California Fish Grill: $27.43 (Date Night)
    • Relay For Life Registration Fee: $25.00 (Giving)

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